What concerns increased operating frequencies of the memory and the chip, an unusual cooler construction comes to the rescue. The card contains a processor responsible for VIVO: But on the whole, you can see that no matter what you do with the 4-pipeline chip, it can hardly compete with equally priced 8-pipeline chips, even if the frequency difference reaches the twofold mark. Let’s have a look at the package contents. For casual gamers or those on a budget this could still be a great find. This company from Hong Kong has strongly advanced on the Russian market for the last year and its video cards have become very popular.

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Here the three cards have begun to seperate a bit and the X and the really began to pull away. Angel of Darkness v. The card itself is small compared to higher end cards, its is about the size of a series video card. It’s clear that considering the memory bandwidth bottleneck of such video cards, the increase of local memory operation speed will have its effect.

The Second Encounter Test results: The card gigabyte radeon x pro is small compared to higher end cards, its is about the size of a series video card.

The X XT lagged behind the other two, not doing terribly, but never leading the pack. The games are not the most up-to-date or the most exciting titles but even if you just play one of them, this really helps in the bang-for-your-buck department. The bundle also contains: Again the performance of the X XT was not bad, rather good if gigabytte consider the price.


Memory operates at MHz.

Now about this video card. Now, a number of months later, the card is still very relevant but has a lot more competition. And of course, faster memory chips that make this card very attractive to overclockers.

If you want to get the demo-benchmarks, which we use, gigabytee me at my e-mail. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

GeCube RADEON XXT Extreme based on ATI RADEON X XT

Plus an excellent quality of manufacture and high stability of operation. I am not really sure why this practice caught on but everyone is doing it gigabytf why not Gigabyte?

To do gigabyte radeon x pro we added up the fps of each game and then divided by the price. The tests were carried out with enabled anisotropic filtering as well as in heavy mode with AA and anisotropy. Inside is a box made of white millboard.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell v. As is standard for a mid-range card, the X XT does not need any external power.


Synthetics were not included. Combat Evolved Test results: The box is in a traditional pdo/xt HIS style white-blue colorsthe wrapper is with raised impressions.


But the most interesting thing is not its LED but the efficiency of this cooler, which is able to reduce the temperature by 11 degrees more than a usual reference cooler. Part 2 – Tests in DirectX 9. Memory operates at MHz.

The box is designed with taste! GPU frequency — MHz.

PassMark – MB RADEON X – Price performance comparison

This video card is very good and may be in demand as long as its prk/xt is lower than that for GeForce That’s why there is another plate in the back to cool memory chips allocated on the back of the PCB. This site gigabytf earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. This is a product from HIS, and I hope there is no need in introducing it to you. Despite how relatively new PCIe is to the scene there is currently a great selection of video cards.

And here we can see only codes.