If you do update your Marvell firmware and you encounter problems either immediately after updating or later, you will probably not be able to return to the original Marvell BIOS firmware version your motherboard had when you bought it. I found it here: If you purchased it seperately, you will need to get the drivers from Marvell’s site: This is for firmware , not your drivers. It has both the raid utility and the driver updates in it. Or perhaps have a solution. Here’s a more reputable download link:

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Just Uploaded New Battlefield 4 Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The issue with the Marvell sata3 controller is that it is only pci-e 1x vs the newer sata3 controller which is pci-e 2x.

It was firmware 2. After you narvell these drivers and are booting your machine, at the point where you get a message stating the Marvell controller version, does it update to the latest version for you?

It now works in Win10 with no issues. If you have time, please let me know the outcome. Click on the different files and below you will see the version numbers.

Marvell 91xx SATA 6Gb/s Controller Update

If you purchased it seperately, you will need to get the drivers from Marvell’s site: I have an Asus mobo. When you boot, what version does the bios tell you it is running? With all the problems I am reading from other owners with your mobo, it might be better to simply buy a new Zbased mobo. They arent directly from Marvell so the possibility of them gjgabyte altered for malware is there. The station-drivers giabyte are not officially sanctioned by your motherboard maker.


I also took the precaution of temporarily installing Win7 back on the computer to copy the files off of the array, then re-built it. I have downloaded all 6. I could could use the boards Intel controller for the RAID, but I gigabytr want to move it yet in case the problem is me missing something. It 91128 chafes me that they never got the damn chip to work.

Has anyone over here with an older Gigabyte motherboard experienced this possible incompatibility? You need both and they are different.

Can I build RAID 0 with SATA3 SSD on Marvell SE controller? | FAQ – GIGABYTE U.S.A.

The time now is Thanks for posting the firmware updates and speed tests folks. If it came with your computer, then you will need to download the drivers from your manufacturer’s web page.

Because this is not an official page, I hesitate to use their files.

When you first boot up and see the Marvell Controller screen, you will see what hard drives the controller senses and gigavyte the BIOS version number is. Cypherdude New Member Total Posts: I am left with deciding if I want to take the risk of using the Station-drivers files.


Tell us about your experience with our site. Marvell put out a utterly beta piece of hardware, everyone implemented it, and then they never actually got the thing working as it should’ve. Mine stays at the old version after bios update, I want to see if others’ does too or if I’m doing something wrong. I have the same question Halfdead – I hear you on the slow controller speed.

Gigabyte doesn’t seem to have Win 10 drivers yet for this motherboard. So carefully scroll down the list of different drivers until you find the one for the Marvell 91xx devices.

Be aware, using the station-drivers firmware to update your Marvell controller firmware can be risky. Gigabyte Marvell Storage Utility 4. Forums Posts Latest Posts. It wasn’t an option; Z77 meant new CPU too X58 is the last of the boardsso that wasn’t doable with the budget.