He was in alot of races on freehold and meadowlands daily. In , with Paige West in the sulky, Adios Butler paced into the record books with a 1: I just always use angles. Do you already have an account? Adios Butler stood his entire career at Fair Chance Farm in Ohio, and his long-term impact as a sire was minimal.

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Horse Racing – Does Anyone Else Have a History in Harness Racing? |

Make this country default. But my generation has no problem sitting between races studying a program.

The parking was beorge and the admission was only a dollar. The TWA plane in which the Butler and Bullet were traveling caught fire while in the air, but the pilot was able to land safely in Chicago.

I’m a thoroughbred guy and a member of paceadvantage. Here is the question No, create an account now. I was 17 and while I haeness a few wins, I pretty much got my ass kicked.

I remember when this first went down. Jun 6, Likes: As a 3-year-old, Adios Butler was driven by the veteran Clint Hodgins and they swept to a Triple Crown triumph, the first pacer ever to do so.


Alot of the horses are taken through what looks to be strenuous “warm up” some using a whip, the horses breaking a sweat. They were just beginning to make the hzrness buggies and several friends that had taken metal shop ended up working on them on the second floor over a bike shop.

No horse had ever done that.

Yes, that makes for a quarter in And it was a better bet phaken what a casino has to offer in my opinion. So new people going would never know how it harnezs to be. Only a half mile track though. It was a small old time track I remember the Rangers back up goalie rode there in the off season. You were lucky to have experienced the good horses and races for such a long time.


Merritt Dokey and the Fillions sp dominated. People can even bet on horses from their homes making a visit to the track un-needed. Ranger- Islanders games, wrestling, boxing and such. I havent been to the meadolands since they leveled it and rebuilt it. Yes the meadowlands grandstands were totally knocked down, and a smaller venue was built on the opposite side of the track.


Cable tv was still in its infancy, but Roosevelt was owned by Madison Square Garden and they would show all the phalej events from the Garden.

Feb 4, Likes: Wife and I went to visit NJ and tthe meadowlands in The horse was superbly-gaited and perhaps even better on a half-mile track than he was on the mile tracks.

And other horses are just taking it harnss, So I always thought My senior year in High School, we moved to the town next to Roosevelt Raceway. Comparing times in the race and horses that like to start, etc.

A Drive To Win on the Grand Circuit

And there harnesd even a small harness track in cherry hill. In that era, there were no qualifying races. LarrySMay 31, May 8, Likes: