Get a TomTom 4. Just below the antenna in the main body of the GPS is the screen. Submit A Support Request. These help protect the GPS from some of the more harmful elements that might try to get inside the unit. Additional Product Features Resolutions.

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The screen shot to the immediate right shows the normal map screen. Hitting the quit button takes you back to the standard map view.

Garmin GPSmap 60Cx review

Waze widgets finetune social 600cx app The crowdsourced driving directions app now lets you add widgets so you can track your ETA more easily and quickly.

TomTom bundles the XL S with a carrying case, and you get to install the latest map update free of charge. They are about half the size of a mobile phone SIM card. Yep, these storage cards have just got smaller again. These include options to recalculate your route if you have gaarmin mapping installed and to remove some items for the display to make it more readable.

Not a single drop of water entered the GPS. Built-in celestial tables for best times to fish and hunt, sun and moon rise, set and location.

Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx Overview – CNET

The Topo Great Britain mapping software is a combination of NavTeq street routable maps garmon Ordnance Survey topographical data things like contours, paths, rivers and streams. The wizards at Garmin have sprinkled their magic dust on the design and production of the 60Cx squeezing the last bit of sensitivity from the antenna and SiRFStar III chipset.


At each location I created a mark or waypoint so that I could return to that spot again if I ever go back there tickets booked for next year. There is a lot more features available on this screen when used with street maps.

You will notice that the night view colours are selected for this map. The final screens I have shown here are to the right.

Review title Please enter at least 5 characters for your review title. This extends the storage capacity of the GPS and can be used to have different mapping sets on different cards. How does this all come together and work out in practice? When I was out driving it was a simple matter of garmon a road that was heading roughly in the direction shown on the GPS.

This allowed me to check up on the pilot, making sure he was going the right way. Catching up with Android, the latest iOS version of the crowdsourcing traffic app can track your progress or lack thereof when it’s gridlock.


You would typically consider using this in a car with a coated windscreen which blocks the GPS signal. You can configure these to be either 0,2,3, or 4 items and you can configure each of these items.

Culture by Luke Westaway Aug 7, Normally GPS units “fall to pieces in my hands” I didn’t risk it with the g;s, but just looking at it it is obvious that the internal antenna is one of the Quad Helix type. Run Time Up To.

There are so many features such as routes and waypoints that are all built in, some of these I will cover in the in use section below. You can place some custom text on here.

Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx Handheld

It is amazingly sensitive. A buck buys you your first 30 days of service.

NMEA output protocol Antenna: This is not as big an issue as it might seem. Gadgets by Rick Broida Apr 26, The image to the right shows a number of features: The next screen is the Trip Computer.