I see the error on two different work computer systems configured this way. Otherwise you can run into race conditions, bad behaviour, or even crashes. Message 5 of 7. Do they need to run in the UI thread? In any case, I need to do some testing. Note that the only time the VI display is static enough for me to grab a screen shot like this is during the “Test Timeout” period.

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Galil Motion Control

Looking at the Galil documentation, the “: A possible cause is opening a new connection on each library call. Message 2 of 7. If you need an emergency gali, button for your Galil project, then do not rely on software!

There are a few different methods for developing a LabVIEW application that can communicate to a Galil motor controller. For the Galil side of things You don’t need to download your program to Galil every time, connect using Galiltools or GalilSuite and download then use balil BP command to burn the program to memory. The basics of this project is that it is a positioning system run by 2 stepper motors with specified angular limitations. I’ll show my ignorance here and ask you what you mean by “name decoration of the symbols” and how it provided the necessary clue?


Message 10 of Message 2 of Message laview of Keep in mind how wires work, data dependant means that if two wires are going into a structure or function they both must contain valil before the structure or even will execute.

Motion Control and Motor Drives

This is followed by either a command to send the motor to a homing position or to step to a certain angle. Message 2 gapil 2.

You then see the function name with the and a number appended. Accepted by topic author WNM.

Most Active Software Boards: In this Vi I start by writing several initialization commands to the motor. Note that to run this VI in a useful manner, you will need to be able to communicate with a Galil motion controller over an Ethernet connection and that will, for the most part, limit this discussion to what the experts among you know to be happening under the hood of LabVIEW in situations like this. I am trying to use a visa read and it gives me back error “” for some commands. Wow Rolf, I was hoping you’d see this topic and weigh in with a suggestion and here you had the answer in less than one line of text!

Update of front-panel indicators is lagging when testing functions in vendor-supplied DLL. The open function causes the connection to be opened, the command function causes the command to be sent and receives a reasonable response, the close funtion seems to labvjew the connection to be closed. I am not sure how I can implement two different offsets in the same loop.


I am not too sure how to go about this. Add a string constant that has the program:.

Using Labview with the GalilTools Communication Library | Galil

If every time you send a command, you then wait for a “: I am using a thin beam load cell to feedback through LV to control the motion of a Hyadon Linear actuator stepper motor.

This is what your E-Stop button should ideally be wired to. Message 1 of 5. Highlight the Galil Object, click OK. For example, as seen above, the sources text Exception occurred in Galil: I see the error on two different work computer systems configured this way.

Also attached is an OpsManual dictating the structure of my intended interface and everything it should do. That doesn’t make any sense unless the motor is just performing a loopback.