Nov 5, Posts: The quadro sounds interesting though. This worked out great to get me 4 more pipes for free, and the card has so far been completely reliable this way. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Sun Mar 30, Methinks a refresh is on the way.

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Apr 8, Posts: The has the same number of vertex shaders as the This worked out great to get me 4 more pipes for free, and the card has so far been completely reliable this way.

Log in or Sign up. Hello all, it’s been a while since posting last, but I’m back with a few questions I’m hoping someone will have answers to.

FireGL Z1 Can Run PC Game System Requirements

I was under the impression workstation cards are made for processing lots of triangles wireframeswhile gaming cards are oriented toward lots of textures. My card often craps out when it has to create an openGL texture of a map over x Although I’m pleased with the quality and performance, I’d like firgl more.


The VP series also supports up to 16GB of virtual fireggl system This means it should be very heavily biased towards texturing, as the more powerful R already sees diminishing returns on more memory bandwidth without increasing core speed. I have the money to pay for the FireGL, but obviously cheaper would be better.

I’m not sure about the cooling, but ATItool is definately compatible with dna drivers works fine with my xt at leastgiregl most likely omega’s as well although most omega grivers include an overclocking program.

ATI FireGL Z Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

May 24, Posts: I’d love to see a refresh of the VP line with a competitive consumer card in there somewhere.

Methinks a refresh is on the way. Sun Mar 30, viregl Sun Mar 30, Mon Mar 31, 5: Your name or email address: Tom’s Hardware had an article comparing the X1, the Z1 and various Quadro cards in 3D applications recently. Sat Mar 29, 5: OokleNov 2, Is the FireGL worth it?

Apr 6, Posts: Once I got the card I immediately set out to tweak it to it’s max. And, well, on an off-topic note, you might want to consider a tiny RAM upgrade.


But you’ll pay for it big-time. So all in all There are soft-hacks for Quadros, methinks.

The Z1 would probably win some, loose some, but not by a large margin either way, firevl FSAA was used, then the extra bandwidth should wipe the floor with the Nowadays workstation and gaming cards from nV and ATi are based on the same chip, but with differently-optimised drivers for each. The card is at stock voltage. Thanks for any help. A bit lower than yesterday Registered: Sun Mar 30, 5: You’re best bet is to look at the chip specs before you buy anything as they usually have a finite texture size they can handle 6kX6k is rather large for a single texture.