On many cards, this support should allow desktop effects to be used. Fedora 12 one page release notes. Thanks to the Fedora infrastructure team for their excellent work in setting up the infrastructure to generate delta RPMs on the fly for all the updates. And these features are all in addition to the world’s most popular web, SQL and application servers, creating a complete development and production environment in one easy to use platform. Fedora Project is proud to support communities of free culture and open content as part of our mission.

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Get started at http: And if you’re running Fedora 11, upgrading is easy. On many cards, this support should allow fedoora12 effects to be used.

Finally, Bluetooth audio support means pairing with any Bluetooth audio device makes it available for use through Viideo. More details at http: We have several major new features with special focus on desktops, netbooks, virtualization and system administration.

Fedora is a leading edge, free and open source operating system that continues to deliver innovative features to many users, with a new release about every six months.

Hotplug support has been made more intelligent, so if you configure a device as the default output for a stream, unplug that device — causing the stream s to be moved to another output device — and later reattach it, the stream is moved back to the preferred device. Fedora 12 Constantine is filled with improvements that make Linux better than ever for all types of users.


Fedora 12 one page release notes

Office productivity made easy: Xournal allows you to jot videp on, highlight, and sign PDF documents – no more print, sign, and re-scan. Another new plugin allows installation of software packages from a web browser.

From artists to marketers to coders to testers to writers to translators and more, you can get involved.

IPv6 support has also been improved. This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat Jones from Red Hat’s virtualization team has a list of extensive virtualization tools available and coming up for Fedora at http: You can read more information about the Fedora Project on our Overview page. Theora is being rapidly adopted by several popular websites including Wikipedia, VideoPress and DailyMotion. A refined interface that is more responsive and informative Support for installing packages directly from the web browser Supports GNOME and KDE An available command-line plugin that finds software to support new vixeo when you run them.

Fedora 12 one page release notes – Fedora Project Wiki

Retrieved from ” https: This is a community maintained site. Also on multiple monitor systems, the desktop will now automatically be spread across all monitors by default, rather than having all monitors display the same output, including on NVIDIA chips where multiple monitor spanning was not possible without manual configuration changes in Fedora Abrt collects detailed information automatically and helps developers identify and resolve issues faster, improving the quality of individual upstream components and Fedora.


Polished Desktop – The latest version of the GNOME desktop includes the lighter Gnote replacement for Tomboy as the default note application, and Empathy replaces Pidgin as the default vide messenger. Bluetooth on-demand – Bluetooth services are automatically started when needed and stopped 30 seconds after last device use, reducing initial startup time and resource use when Bluetooth is not in active use.

Multi-Pointer X – The update to X. Red Hat is not responsible for content.

Fedora 12 Announcement

This has been replaced with Dracut, an initial ram disk generation ffdora12 with an event-based framework designed to be distribution-independent. Red Hat is not responsible for content. We bring to you the latest and greatest release of Fedora ever, Fedora 12! Virtualization improvements – Not content with all the improvements in Fedora 11, we’ve kicked virtualization based on KVM up another notch in Fedora For comments or queries, please contact us.

Fedora 12 one page release notes. fefora12

Fedora 12 Announcement – Fedora Project Wiki

Comic drawing in Inkscape. What’s New in Fedora 12? Better than ever tablet support allows you to enjoy pressure-sensitive drawing out-of-the-box – vide mucking with configuration files required! Retrieved from ” https: