They explained that they would refund my order themselves and take my dispute up with the Chinese vendor on my behalf. If I find my ping g15 driver is fake when it arrives perfectoutdoorgame what is the best recourse of action to get my money back. They will be extremely helpful in determining if you have been duped. You would have to conclude the clubs must be either counterfeit or some kind of dodgy deal is being done through a side door. I believe these brands have prices that retailers are not supposed to reduce. I saved the convos to use if they are fake. When he got a package and realized that address from China.

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He is not on the Adams authorized list. Thanks for any info. It read exactly as follows: Sold us a ladies shaft callawway grams as a mens stiff shaft 60 grams.

Cwllaway such a thing does exist then surely the clubs would be suited to someone who hits the ball a mile, gets it out of the sweet spot nine times out of 10 and regularly scores par or better. The fact they say they will send as gift to avoid the import tax alarms me as this is clearly against the law. The leathe work was not great, non straight lines and dodgy paint jobs.


From four to PW are not same as Callaway golf set.

Real or fake clubs

A magnet will not stick to titanium, but it will adhere to other types of metals. Even the motore f3 shaft was a fake as confirmed by a legit Titleist seller. I purchased a set of xs for China company, total rip. I have hope that they will get my money back, we shall see.

Welcome cheap golf clubs. They say the clubs come from a OEM supplier.

Callaway Diablo Forged iron set – think I just purchased a FAKE set

He played the golf as better improve. They look fakethe diablo logo looks dodgy.

Has anyone ever purchased from him? Has anybody had any kind of transaction with them. So they turn to the U. Nowhere do they mention these are used.

Go to a local pro shop also so you can compare the item s you might plan to buy or have purchased to the pictures on the selling site. They are very good, extremely creative and incredibly hardworking. They are the best clubs of anyone on my team im a varsity golfer in hs. Rockbottom has previously said it does not receive its golf clubs through the authorised channels provided by the big brands like Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade, Mizuno, Ping and Cobra.


Fake Callaway Diablo Octane Tour?

And that is why we put together the most comprehensive checklist. First red flag is there is only an e-mail to contact the seller. I am little confuseā€¦. If I find my ping g15 driver is fake when it arrives perfectoutdoorgame what is the best recourse of action to get my money back.

Furthermore I would pursue any avenues available with TaylorMade and the US authorities regarding the legitimacy of his product. Why do these companies ship work and resources out of our domestic economy? Does anybody diabo if http: Can anyone verify this website. The biggest two differences in the head are the the size and location of the “9. The time now is