I also made a chill hop edit of the track, if you’re looking for something with a beat. Just listened to this one and it’s gorgeous Edit: I have nothing, but I have everything when I have you. Music Videos Some visual stimulation to accompany some fine tracks. This page was last edited on 27 October , at

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Moby – One of these mornings.

Immunity the track is very delicate, and King Creosote beautifully fragile vocals gives the piece a haunting quality. It just takes me somewhere else in some weird way that no other song can do. But be careful, your life may change forever!

Saw them on Monday. Yuna – Lallabies Adventure Club Remix has always helped me get through the bad days. With Dynamo doing so well, and many more songs still on their way, the band decided to try songwriting bi-coastally. The way they layer all the ambiance and reverb without it getting muddy and the atmospheres they create is just amazing. It wasn’t as good as expected because of reading some ifgures in that sub.


Heather Alden is in residency after graduating from medical school a real doctor! They’re both called Crave you. With videos playing in the background throughout their show, you ….

Piledrive – Instrumental by Faded Paper Figures | Song License

Andrew Bayer’s work with this album is basically my definition of beauty in electronic music. Look for a new one every week.

Admittedly I believe I heard the Adventure Club remix first which led me to pursue Flight Facilities’ original version, which i enjoy more. There’s too many to list but on my mind right now is Panda Bear – Boys Figkres. Japanese Wallpaper – Waves feat.

What to you is the most beautiful electronic song? Kael was composing music for TV and film with his older brother’s company, Robot Repair. If you feel your faedd was not fully answered or if you were not satisfied with the community’s replies, try the next Discussion Thread.

Sleeping Beauty

Please try and support the artists and plledriver their content directly. A few close contenders though: The album you’ve all been waiting for! The album was among the CMJ top albums during November and Decemberbefore falling off the chart again in early Faded Paper Figures – Relics”. A music video of “Metropolis” came out and the band began to play live concerts.


Want to add to the discussion? Faded Paper Figures – Spare Me”. Pilfdriver live version of this is absolutely incredible. Retrieved from ” https: The response from listeners was fdaed and overwhelming, so much so that they were motivated to continue writing and release a full album, Dynamoin They’re kinda “post-rock”, but they rely on a lot of synths and the guitars sound more like synths anyway since they’re covered in reverb and usually swelling in.

Piledriver (打樁機)

Faded Paper Figures Stick Together” http. Please install Flash and reload the page. Breath This Air ft.

Carbon Based Lifeforms – mos Personally, Shlohmo’s Same Timeit’s done a lot for me over the past couple of years.