If we were to continue working on it, we discussed turning our security system into a more powerful “home monitoring” system. Questions Ask a Question Be the first to ask a question. If you disable the conflicting peripheral, your ez should work. It features a slightly enhanced GUI, logging, and graphing capabilities. We miraculously got everything working within days of our final presentation; the timing could not have been better. Flip the jumper on the battery-powered sensor.

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The accelerometers are used primarily to detect a door opening while the motion detectors are more general-purpose and can monitor an entire room. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

Check all devices using a serial port; Even devices that do not show up on the Device Manger. As for using the environment on nopal, stay tuned. These tools allow users to develop and debug software quickly with the aid of hardware breakpoints and a single stepping facility with no resource overhead.

The tool includes a USB-powered emulator to program and debug your application in-system and two 2. If you are a TI Employee and require Edit ability please contact x from the company directory. The eZRF is supported by powerful development tools to write, download, and debug an application. Re-reeling orders placed after This information obviously has to be provided to the software by the user.


On The Project We’re quite pleased with what we managed to accomplish in the time ussb had. Projects may be developed and instantly deployed using the included battery expansion board and AAA batteries. A third type of mote, called a “key mote,” is used to disarm the system.

The solution, of course, is for the mote to measure batter voltage as well and dynamically set this threshold, but this requires using multiple ADC channels, something we didn’t have time to figure out. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

If we were to continue working on it, we ez40-rf2500 turning our security system into a more powerful “home monitoring” system. Unfortunately re-reeling is not available at the present time for this item. Did your PC prompt you for driver installation process or am I correct in saying this device in question never was recognized by any PC while in your possession?

Here are a few final thoughts on our project and on the TI platform. All the required software is included such as a complete Integrated Development Environment and SimpliciTIa propriety low-power star network stack, enabling robust wireless networks out of the box.

For more specific future goals, see this post. If a designated sensor is within range the user presumably has it in his pocket, for examplethe system will detect the presence of another wifi signal, and entrance is OK.


eZ430-RF2500 Group Page

There are forums where people using TI processors and parts like the MSP and the CC ask and answer questions; possibly worth searching through, when you have a very specific question or issue. It’s compatible for with the eZRF tool and includes the source code for user modification. A knife or screw driver pushed into this hole to open the enclosure can easily remove the cap. Views Read View source View history. This page has been accessed 11, times.

The COM is probably fairly high. Final Product Our final product, as partially demoed in class, is a proof-of-concept home security system.

Sometimes the FET drivers can become corrupted and will result in no longer being able to connect through the FET tool. Usually there’s some kind of driver conflict.

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If you disable the conflicting peripheral, your ez should work. Please post only comments about the article EZRF here.

Accelerometer for mote on door. This simple project puts the entire system in an ultra-low power standby mode.