Simply connect the eye tv hybrid to the coaxial cable coming straight from the wall, or connect the eye tv hybrid to your TV aerial to receive the great variety of free-to-view TV programmes that are broadcast over-the-air. Made for the Mac. It comes bundled with Elgato’s EyeTV 2 software which has many advanced features. The connection to your computer is with the USB2 connector at one end of the Hybrid and the connection to the TV signal is with the F-type connector at the other end. Oh, and you can use a real keyboard to type your searches too. In addition with the Hybrid you will be ready for the upcoming transition to over-the-air digital High Definition. The software version on the install CD was 2.

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There’s also something neat about watching the telly on a laptop screen, and if a movie comes on I can just hit the “record” button, just like the old days of VHS. With neither processor are recordings at 90 min DVD quality possible; there are so many dropped frames that the video looks like a slide show of stills although the audio is largely undistorted.

Newer Post Older Post Home. It was difficult to predict the occurrence of dropouts or artifacts by looking at CPU usage with the activity monitor because both EyeTV demands on CPU and system demands fluctuate rapidly and greatly.

Coaxial connector IEC Secondary aerial input: EyeTV Diversity comes with a unique splitter cable which makes it extremely easy to connect a rooftop aerial, if desired.


EyeTV Diversity is intended for use in countries where digital terrestrial television is broadcast. For the convenience of the user a number of convenient presets can be chosen, e. The real advantage of this product is its portability. Or, view our Software, hardware, and game reviews. This award-winning software enables you to: In Dual Tuner mode, they operate independently as two hybgid tuners so you can watch two different channels picture-in-picture, or watch one show while you record another simultaneously.

Eyetv Geniatech

Posted by Unknown at This is a universal binary optimized for both PowerPC and Intel processors. After rebooting, Windows will display a “New Hardware Found” message, and then go on to install this updated driver.

Hybrir for getting into the Intel line, well that is something for the future.

Elgato’s EyeTV Hybrid is an exciting new product. Windows 7 or later, 2. Watch, pause, and rewind live TV on your Mac Search two weeks of Program Guide listings Set up schedules to record your favourite TV programmes Edit out unwanted content Share recordings with other Macs on the same network.

Of course tuner audio “mono” refers to analog reception only, with DTT it just plays the source bitstream so it is more likely to be joint stereo or stereo.

DriverMax – MEDIA – Elgato – EyeTV Hybrid Drivers Download

Total TV Player for eyetv hybrid. A Hardware Review by James F. Oh, and you can use a real keyboard to type your searches too. The breakout cable included in the box enables you to take advantage of composite or S-video signals from a VCR, cable box or game box.


MEDIA – Elgato – EyeTV Hybrid Drivers Download

Using the Alchemy and its software on the 1. Please could u help me find drivers for this device for Windows. Since the EyeTV Hybrid has no hardware encoder, all digitizing and compression must be done in software.

I am quite smitten with it. If your intrested check out The Register’s excellent review.

With earlier, less powerful, later model G4s you will be limited to recording at x Video CD quality, although viewing at x is possible. The software gives you a warning that you need a dual G5 or Intel Mac, but just close the window and start recording. Rob Pegoraro, The Washington Wundows. Without extremely powerful processors, digitizing and compressing in live time is always the least desirable option. This website uses cookies to enable certain functions and to improve your user experience.

During installation this was partially covered. However here is a direct link to the windows driver: In addition with the Hybrid you will be ready for the upcoming transition to over-the-air digital High Definition.