Posted January 11, If you type ‘Google’, into Google, you can break the internet, so please, no one try it, even for a joke. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The key will be provided to you when purchasing the software license or one of our eyetv products. Albeit with a little bit of hacking. By lamatita , January 11, in Discussions. Eyetv Hybird is compatible with Windows

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Therefore, please check for updates regularly or visit or software page here. Then it provides remote controls, recording and DVR-functionality from a connected computer. Everything else, especially aindows excellent EyeTV 2 software package, now shines.

eyetv hybrid doesn’t work on Windows 10 – Discussions – EYE TV Support Forum

It communicates with the user’s bluetooth-enabled device to provide windiws and calendar reminders when it needs to be charged. By lamatitaJanuary 11, in Discussions.

The review noted that EyeTV was the de facto software for TV and computer video integration and praised its new features, but said it was expensive when purchased separately. Latest Software for your Windows. With eyetv lite 1.

It was pretty trival to get it working with Vista Media Centre as it identified itself as a Hauppauge Nova-T making it easy to find the drivers. Geniatech will take over the complete EyeTV product line.


Does EyeTV Diversity work with Windows?

Only problem is that it doesnt utilized the ‘use two tuners together to strengthen the reception’ but at least I have good coverage where I’m at. The tuners can be used simultaneously for an optimized signal, or one tuner can be used to ryetv a channel, while another is used to watch a separate show.

The first EyeTV product was introduced in November My eyeTV hybrid worked fine, then windows 10 made an update in april and it have not worked since. The next iteration was released in and called EyeTV Watch, pause, and rewind live TV on your Mac Search two weeks of Program Guide listings Set up schedules to record your favourite TV programmes Edit out unwanted content Share recordings with other Macs on the same network.

Retrieved October 30, On Wed Jan 11 at 6: So something had to be done.

how to break the internet: Elgato EyeTV Diversity for Windows and Mac and Manual Driver Installs

Only remaining issue is that I only seem to be able to use 1 turner at a time; I’m guessing I’m stuck in diversity mode, rather than dual tuner – is there a utility to switch between the 2? In addition, the new eyetv lite 1. However with the tuner and drivers uninstalled, media center feels much more responsive – but obviously I can’t watch tv!


It still windods ‘work right’.

Blazing fast portable drive”. The Elgato web site explicitly declines to give a reason: This amazing TV tuner stick provides superior digital television reception DVB-T, or Freeview deep indoors, in conditions that are challenging for reception outdoors, and while travelling at high speeds.

MEDIA – Elgato – EyeTV Diversity Capture Drivers Download

Andrew September 8, at 1: Connect several devices to your siversity by plugging in a single cable”. With its classic matte aluminium finish and amazingly compact size, EyeTV Diversity looks great with a Mac.

In addition, the new eyetv 3. Improved Help functions in cooperation with Eyetv Netstreams Topics: November 21, at 4: Elgato said the product won’t be available until the HomeKit software, which is expected to come with Apple iOS 8, is released. Elgato introduced two firewire external hard drives in September called Thunderbolt Drive. The Telegraph gave it four out of five stars.