If you do, double-click on it; otherwise, open the start menu and type ” mouse “. A wrist support may be used to position the hand at a neutral angle relative to the arm to further reduce wrist discomfort. Click Continue Anyway each time. Pointer speed lights flash on, off, and on again. Connect the receiver to a USB port directly on the computer. Connect the cable to a USB port directly on the computer.

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Wednesday, July 17, 6: Hi Leo, I had taken those steps. For Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 only. Previous Track — go back one track in the media player if there is a previous track.

No driver is supplied. Hold the VerticalMouse with your fingertips. Windows Uninstall Win 7: Windows Uninstall Win 7: To determine if Secure Kernel Extension Loading is blocking the Evoluent extension, go to Utilities and open the Console, select the system. The ” Switch Application ” Alt-Tab replacement does not work as you’d expect, so it’s essentially useless.


Volume Down — reduce the sound volume.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4

Then, click on the Evoluent Mouse Manager link mluse Programs pick the first one if you see several. Press and hold top thumb button. This is very important.

If the mouse tracks properly on white printer paper, it is working properly. In Pro E Wildfire 2. Install the driver update again. Pointer jumping to screen eevoluent The mouse is probably on a reflective surface. V4 fourth version even adds a few buttons. VMware Virtual Machine No driver is supplied. However I am using Windows 8 and no drivers are available.

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right

A shareware driver at www. Put in a fresh battery with the positive terminal facing out. Rackspace Mail Outlook Mail. Bottom button — back Thumb button — forward.

Tilt it slightly to the side to disable tracking. Click the link below to download and install the driver.

Customize button functions for Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4

I had dvoluent those steps. Click Continue Anyway each time. Sleep — put the computer on standby. If the mouse buttons do not perform your selected functions in the driver, go to System Preference, Security to see if there is an option to allow the Evoluent extension. Some hotkeys may not work in other operating systems.


Those get some time getting used to, but once you train yourself not to click on them by accident, they’re a welcome addition. The mouse is probably on a reflective surface.

Hi, Please update the driver to the latest version.