This is my mini F56 with same nbt of a friends F30 http: I am in the same boat as you and have replaced my door speakers and added tweeters and while the tweeters have a built in crossover the door mid still sounds harsh. Request a new review. Encanto Captain Rep Posts Drives: Thanx mini , Originally Posted by Almaretto Which audio system does your car have? I tend to turn that 5 clicks up

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The tweeter has an inline crossover and it sounds great.

Coding sound volume in esys after NBT retrofit

Very flexible, His warm and striking good bass! Did you find this review helpful? PDA Bad audio, heavily altered equalizer, can’t we change this with esys? Write a user review Ask for a user review.

I tend to turn that 5 clicks up Appreciate 1 Almaretto You would souhd need to install an AMP that allows sounnd level inputs as the system will be coded to output a RCA level of signal. Do you have an EQ? My question is, we can change so many things with esys. This is my mini F56 with same nbt of a friends F30 http: Request a new review. Is this from the speaker wires or an aux output?


Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Coding sound volume in esys after NBT retrofit I was wondering if there is a option to edit the sound volume on a F30 through Esys. Also wondering where the moscone like amps get there feed from? Originally Posted by Jdmdc5teg06 I was wondering if there is a option to edit the sound soudn on a F30 through Esys.

I don’t want to use high input but low.

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Isn’t there a way in esys to change something in the nbt or a different module so we can alter the sound or even get extra sound options like an equalizer on the nbt screen? You really want to turn down khz down more? I totally Agree Technic. This was because my treble was set all the way to zero to try to compensate for the previously over eq’d signal from the Base Stereo.

I’ve dialed the khz the lowest base setting on the 7 point EQ all the way down, but still want to turn it down more. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.


HK Audio ESYS EPX | Speaker Pro – SONOLOGY Toulouse

But, everyone has a different opinion on what sounds good. The last is just a volume bar popup.

Because of this i read on this forum the sound is heavily altered, so just changing speakers is not advised. If you don’t have one of the more advanced audio systems like harman kardon from factory, you mostly don’t even have tweeters.

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Log in Become a member. Like in the old days when i built in an amp on my normal stereos these where all low input wsys

Write a user review. High input is when people tap in to the speaker wires and use that to get power an amp? I am slightly disappointed with the Focals though, my old Boston Pros put these to shame.

Would have liked the roundness of 46cm, but we can not have everything!