Hi Andreas, Would you please add support for the following Mac Mini 3,1? Thanks and regards, Szabolcs. Anonymous November 19, at 2: Anonymous November 16, at 6: Using Mac Mini 7,1. Hi Gutharius, yes, it will.

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Anonymous January 26, at 5: Brilliant, that’s fixed my ESXi white box!

ESXi stuck on ‘loading ahci modules’ | OCAU Forums

My output for “lspci -v grep “Class ” -B 1″ Thanks Andrea for all. Maurice November 30, at 2: Still no luck on getting the disks detected. I had the same issue with ahco driver version: Thanks and Regards, Szabolcs. Can someone help me please? Milan Leposavic January 3, at Alex Kirtok November 14, at 1: Assigning this controller to a VM may work.

This article resolved my issue.

It helped me to install 5. I can upload the firmware if someone knows how to modify it so the card will work in AHCI mode. Anonymous December 17, at 1: Dear Andreas I would like to thanks you once again, for your job on this request but mostly for your really fast answer.


The following output is from 5. Please, can you give me hint, where is problem. What can we do to improve this information?

ESXi hosts utilizing vmw-ahci driver may experience performance problems ()

I will update my post to include this information. VMware needs to address this. This article did not resolve my issue.

Any chance you can add 10de: U2 sees it as an “unknown” storage adapter and Anci recognizes the chipset, but both versions are able to access datastores connected to it when VT-D is enabled and other devices are passed through to VMs. When I was troubleshooting I saw that the write errors were increasing at about 0.

Jakub November 12, at That being said, would the rest of the drives work or just a single gb after updating? Did this article help you?

Andreas Peetz November 15, at esi Anonymous February 25, at Well, at least of the things that seemed like they’d be relevant to the controller There was a lot of side stuff about the Motherboard North and South bridges. Anonymous November 13, at 6: Andreas Peetz November 23, at 7: The situation is the same on the two Marvell controllers as well as on a add-on card I found using the Marvell controller.