In March the exhibition was a great success. The answer came after a few minutes of 3D movie, as our 2 pairs of eyes got tired way too quickly from the 3D show, as the brightest part of the picture were clearly flickering. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. You should think about closing the iris to adjust the brightness if it is too much for your screen size. The result is a very sharp picture which allows to show all the details of your favorite Blu-rays. Hi Ray, thanks for posting.

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Digital Flipchart Quartet Kapture. We recommend to let E-shift desactivated on p content. The highest number of Lumens is achieved in high power mode with calibrated Lumens.

We will tell our best sales representative to contact you and we are adamant on closing this deal hence bear with us for few minutes and keep looking at your phone. The On-off contrast in the ECO mode was rpson You will receive a link to reset your password. Large Format Printers Epson Canon. I will definitely consider placing order again for our future requirement. Panasonic ViewSonic Tablet Accessories. The dynamic iris was also working nicely and provided a contrast boost in dark scenes. This high brightness gives also a vivid feeling to the movies.


A calibration was however necessary to get the best out of the projector. The new MPC sharpens the picture subtly on level 5 and very few artefacts. A great number of contrast measurements were made to deliver you results that are unique in the world.

JVC DLA-X5000: Review of the projector!

This is perfect for a screen width between 2. Our room is fully black with the darkest velvet on the walls and ceiling.

Move the mouse over the picture to compare the 2 pictures. For smaller screen like the one we used for the review 2m45 widthyou should close the iris a bit. Review of the projector! This gives a 4 points control over the grayscale and this is a rare feature that we epsno appreciated!

Epson C13S904002 Staple Cartridge (3 x 5000 pages)

But do not overdo do it or your eyes will tire pretty quickly. We advise you to leave the settings on default. The contrast behaviour is impressive, especially for dark content, with very good blacks and a lot of details. For example your eyes will see the same difference between a contrast increase from In fact, we really liked the extra bit of saturation on some scenes, because it stayed natural.


Atlas Comix Datacard Fellowes. Hi Ray, thanks for posting.

Epson Singapore Technology, general

It is known to be able to correct a bad gamma curve to a perfect one. Call us at or email us if you have any question.

Anyway, thank you for your comment which gives us the chance to explain our contrast measurements- This is always to be x50000 when you get an underperforming unit to have people having some doubts about the measurements.

The scale on the contrast epxon is logarithmic to represent the perception of the human eye. There are 4 settings under MPC: Furthermore, you want to adjust the brightness and contrast to the right level.

Question – JVC X vs Epson TWW | AVForums

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The x500 is an even finer pixel grid with twice as many pixels. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews.

But what happens in between?