Unused Twisted-pair return signal ground level. Enables the printing of codes through decimal as characters, not control codes. Troubleshooting Problem Solving and Maintenance If lubrication is needed, contact your Epson dealer. The width of proportional characters varies from character to character. Choosing An Interface

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Then pull the lever toward you. Then tilt the cover back into place.

The factory setting for all switches except Also, you should install the paper feed knob. Selects elite pitch 12 characters per epaon. The Print Head Pitches And Proportional Spacing Mixing Print Styles Note This command will cancel any user-defined characters you have already created.

Mode is turned OFF.

Epson Wide Carriage Dot Matrix Printer Fx-286e

These modes are pica, elite, condensed, and proportional. See Figure 1.

Commands In Numerical Order The numbers in the columns on the right are the page numbers in this appendix where a complete description of the command can be found. The tab settings must be entered in ascending order.


Epson Wide Carriage Dot Matrix Printer Fxe | eBay

Remove the blanking plate above the paralle1-connector as shown in Figure E-4 to allow access to the new interface connector when the case is re-assembled. If you do not know what kind of interface your computer requires, consult its manual or your dealer. Since the printer does not cx decimal numbers larger thanthe graphics commands use two numbers for reserving columns. If you use commercial software that produces graphics, xf you need to know about dot graphics is how to use the software.

Connecting The Printer To Your Computer If you do not know what kind of interface your computer requires, consult its manual or your dealer. Puts the printer into the deselected state until select printer code DC1 is received.

Epson FX-100/100+/105/185/286/286e/1000/ 1050/1170/1180/1180+ Colour Ribbon Cartridge – 8755

Mixing Print Styles A little experimentation should tell you whether the reassigning code can improve your graphics printouts. Turn the printer ON first. Turns on 9-pin Graphics Mode. Printer Selection Menus About This Manual The four indicator lights show when the printer is turned on and when it is ready to use.


In emphasized mode, the FX prints each character twice as the print head moves across the paper, with the second slightly to the right of the first.

Selecting The Right Location Figure This manual also for: Choosing And Loading Paper Epson International Character Sets Epson International Character Sets Twelve character codes between 35 and can represent more than one character each, depending upon the international character set you select.

Enter this mode by turning on the printe while holding down the Graphics Commands Therefore, with these labels for the pins, you fire the top pin by sending Page Table 3.

Don’t have an account? Graphics Programs When buying graphics software, always make sure it has a suitable option to allow printouts on an FX printer.