This is an effective prevention for dictionary attacks. Windows XP steps to roll back your driver: Resolution The system admin has to configure the rights to a particular group of mail. Application servers sometimes use double-way authentication method against fake application server. This effectively ensures the sensitive data being stored securely and stably.

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With its various PKI applications, any demand for high security of digital certificate and electronic signature can be met.

Reason Name mentioned in the Digital Signature does not match with the account details. Key Pair is not generated while enrolling for digital signature request or is deleted from the token.

Tamper evident IP68 with glue injection under evaluation. Unique faceplate and colour customizations are available for OEM. Figure 7 Enter user name and password Click OK to continue, please see below image: TOTP is a clock based system that changes with the passing of time.

Basic Parameters Epxss Voltage 3.

Feitian ePass3000 usb token need additional Linux driver?

When the driver finish installing the Smartcard reader device is listed in Device Manager in the Smartcard Reader.

In the Update driver software windows, clicks browse my computer for driver software and then follow the prompts to locate and install driver.

Please move to next step to continue. Resolution After renewal of the certificate you need to update it on the respective portal where you are using the certificate for login or for e-tender. FOAS is engineered to comply fastidiously with the stipulations set forth by the initiative for open authentication OATH consortium, a group which unites the foremost industry experts and specialists in the field of strong authentication and determines standards of easy integration and mutual interoperability of product offerings by participating members.


implogy.de – epass3000

Designed for compatibility with consumer favorite devices Mobile OTP by Feitian was engineered for seamless compatibility with such popular mobile device platforms as: With the supporting of different smart card interfaces, iR have found wide application in many corporations and industries.

Certificate trusted chain validation failed. This Notification comes when Root Chain is not installed in system or the browser settings are not proper. The easy to integrate blue tooth connection allows developers to easily integrate smart card applications for higher security and flexibility on all epss devices and PCs supporting Bluetooth.

Installing ePass Token driver in ubuntu 32bit & 64bit

It supports at least five. For large scale projects the seed code can be generated and inserted into the token on site at the user’s location. Figure 12 Test result If the above image appear, that means you can continue to do linuc card logon. Figure 6 Test result If the above image appear, that means you can continue to do smart card logon.

ePass – Perico AS

Figure 2 Advanced certificate request After submit request, you will be request to enter user PIN of ePass token, please see below image: How to verify Smartcard Services is running in system? This device is mainly designed for apple devices, such as: If the ActiveX Enable setting is not secured then select prompt but not disable.


It is an optimal solution for authentication, e-commerce, financial organizations, access control etc. SDK interface integration offers the highest level of flexibility for the application server with the ability to provide functions that are not covered in the previous two methods, however, it is not recommended for all deployments.

FOAS handles loading balancing for multi-authentication services with up epads concurrent service rate which can satisfy thousands per second and concurrent support for up to ten million end-users.

The client refers to the side that initiates the Remote Desktop Connection. Protect application servers of mobile phone networks, such as mobile phone banking, mobile phone stock market and mobile phone shopping etc.

The value of an institution depends significantly on the way that critical communications, transactions, and sensitive data is maintained. Check Java version recommended by website. Then select the date and name of the restore point that you created and click Next.

One of the added benefits of the inclusive compliance architecture by Feitian is the ability of FOAS to support a wide range of operating platforms, authentication protocols, programming languages, and web scripts. You can also check the certificate in ePass token by using corresponding PKI manager, please see below image: Make sure that the token drivers are installed in the system.