Carrier partnerships are non-existent, fueled by the government’s suspicious attitude towards the Chinese manufacturer. According to unnamed sources, Google will acquire Lytro’s technology and patents, with Lytro employees already having left the company. It’s the same size as a nano-SIM, which is to say it’s a bit smaller than the microSD cards most people are familiar with. Simply called the Drone Bill, it would allow police to ground and seize drones, and may further tighten drone restrictions around airports. Competing handsets don’t offer quite the same level of versatility as Huawei’s latest device. Instagram to allow posting of hour-long videos. It’s not a great look, though.

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While not the major update that many users had been hoping for, Apple did sneak in an update to its Aperture software amongst yesterday’s iPad madness.

And yet I’ve spent only a zpom and change with the Mate 20 Pro and there’s some noticeable scuffing of the front glass. Apparently, Huawei hasn’t learned its lesson.

Tiny microscope lets you see the smallest-ever inkjet prints

Corephotonics has filed a second lawsuit against Apple, claiming patent infringement on the iPhone 8 Plus and X models. The last day to place an order for Apple photo prints and related products is September 30th. The Mate 20 Pro has a couple of other, minor features that are missing from the P20 Pro. Let’s get the dream-dashing out digitall the way because the Mate 20 Pro won’t officially be launching in the US.

We presume this must have made sense to someone.


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Sony has announced its new Alpha a which, at this mircoscope, is only for the Australian market. Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet just released a new Instagram-like app called Trips.

Don’t know about you, but I’m really miffed about this Instagram to allow posting of hour-long videos. Popular mobile editing app Snapseed just got a major update that includes a new interface and 11 new presets for both Android and iOS, as well as adding the Perspective tool to the iOS version. Huawei has similar things to say about its new octa-core Kirin processorwhich is one of the first 7nm mobile chips. According to a new report, GoPro has laid off between and staff from its drone division, citing a need to “better align our resources with business requirements” as the reason for the layoffs.

Yet again, OnePlus has pulled together a near-flagship package for an attractive price. The team have overcome this by using optical fibers fused to the rear of the lens to relay light to electronic sensors.

If none of this helps, please contact us at support plugable. Will this eliminate the need for microSD slots? Intellectual property fights in photography disheartening. Contrast isn’t as moody on the Mate, though, and colors aren’t as warm.

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On the blue and green models, the back glass of the device has what Huawei calls a “hyper-optical pattern,” which is a visible texturing that’s supposed to repel fingerprints and give it a non-slip effect.

I wouldn’t have micfoscope much in the loudspeaker quality if I was Huawei either, though. The Engadget Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis by our expert editorial and research teams.


Huawei’s had a frosty relationship with the US for a while now: The Microsoft Pix app aims to out-do your stock iPhone app by analyzing captured image bursts for image quality and facial expressions, selecting and optimizing the best exposures.

With a capacity of half a Terabyte, Integral’s new microSD card offers plenty of storage to photographers and video shooters—a boon for drone videographers who are shooting lots of 4K footage.

However, on installing the update, some owners found their third-party batteries suddenly incompatible. It’s the same size as a nano-SIM, rigital is to say it’s a bit smaller than the microSD cards most people are familiar with.

Can the Oly Pro replace a bag of primes? Your engadgft wishlist Z6 firmware update? From around the web. It also sports 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, and 25mm lenses, and an IP44 rating for flights in fog, rain, snow, and smoke. Efficient power management is not secondary to performance here. Still, we’re working within a relatively narrow, high price range, and the Mate 20 Pro is a front-runner in this category.

The app lets you share photos from your adventures and, if you’re interested, create travel guides of your own. It’s digtal about balancing speed and efficiency, but the Mate 20 Pro has an above-average battery capacity to begin with.