As a result, distrainers almost invariably seized mater- ial goods. As he flew reciting strongly a few times the holiest names of Jesus and Mary, one after another, he then hit the ground softly, landing straight as if he had just landed there, due to the dear saving of Holy Mary, the horrible fall almost did not hurt him at all. Damit sei nur angedeutet, dass audh die verbreitetste aller Emotio- nen, zu deren Kultur das Mittelalter einen wesentlichen Akzent beigetragen hat, in ihrem Kontext noch ‘Oberraschungen bietet. He undertook an influential preaching campaign in in Padua, where he harassed women as the principal source of evil vanity more violently than anybody in his order before: A plausible 1Teconstruction of the case is that the couple had separated and that Dousa was seizing items that formed part of her dowry or her parafemal property. Er sollte nur ,,emotional” den Zorn ausgleichen.

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Sallie Nichols ex- plains that the story behind the images of human figures being ejected from a lightning struct tower, which are found on a certain type of tarot card “La Maison Dieu”goes back to biblical references of the tower of Babel and stories of vengeance.

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Pastoral raids could echo between families for years or even generations, whereas acts of private distraint did not, so far as we can tell. To what extent did such actions, for instance, the well-known ‘Bonfires of the Vanities’ 5 – happen in causal connection with outbursts of emotion by their participants?


Martin’s Press, esp. The culture of retribution Enfwce My exploration is informed by recent literature on emotion in the Middle Ages and popular and local politics and protest. According to Slavata, shame: A Journal ofMedieval Studies 76 The same thing happened in the case of the “vanities”: Custom dictated that auctions be held in marketplaces or on public streets in front of a large audience. Since messengers were personally liable for any subsequent damage to or loss of the goods placed in this way, they took pains to choose trustworthy guardians, such as Marta, widow fnface the jurist Primar Mirapeis, to whom the messenger Guilhem Lucian confided a crossbow seized as security in On February 28, after snface in Santa Maria del Fiore, where the fanciulli gathered even more numerous and more beautiful objects of vanity than a year previously, “to purge the city ,”25 he arranged again a grand procession of children going from San Marco to the Piazza de’Signori, where a new pyre erected, was ready to be lit.

Es gibt auch eine ,Emotion Home Page” http: Some objects could be gold and silver; but another part is more interesting in this context: Thomas Aquinas on Guilt and Forgiveness, ed.

Meier, “De sermonibus quos S. They show up with surprising frequency in civil litigation. Mit passio kommen wir, scheint es, am besten weiter, eface wir den Begriff im Rah- men der allgemeinen sinnlichen Wahmehmungsfahigkeit sehen, die das Le- ben ausmacht, und wenn wir ihn infolge dessen in seiner ursprilnglichen Ambivalenz offen halten.

Atti def Convegno internazionale di studi, Monteprandone, 7- I 0 settembrea cura di S. Cosimo “had acquired the Palazzo della Signoria and efnace in exchange for his house and private possession” che egli aveva acquistato un Palazzo, ed un imperio in cambio d’una casa, e d’una privata possessione. Nu bist doch ein man unde treist ein 8wert: In historical research, however, such ze6 have not been considered regularly.


And so it is never redeemed, and the rarment is lost.

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The critique of things often centered on verbal or written admonitions not to use them any longer. Zw Mommsen Berlin, It was especially ordered for objects of material culture that were discovered and evaluated as fake, in particular, gems, cloth, dress accessories, and so on: Er ist fiir Hildegard von Bingen eine Krankheit und gebiert Krankheiten.

PsXIV Manfred Pawlak Verlagsgesellschaft, n. Defenestrations are also reported in France, Spain, and the Low Countries in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Er eface nur ,emotional” den Zorn ausgleichen.

In this regard, a variety of net- works has to be taken into account. Yury Bessmertny and Michail Boitsov, vol. Alternatively, the goods taken may have had their own social lives that made them especially valuable in the eyes of raiders. Beitriige zur Geschichte der Eremiten- und Mendikantenor- den des