They don’t even show up in the alsamixer. There is “Analog Mix Capture” for capture volume. Personally, i get 5. Doom3 – the routing needs to be fixed:. Controls that affect Mic input: Then run configure and make.

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Many thanks in advance! There is “Analog Mix Capture” for capture volume. The drivers have a lot in common, but reading instructions for the wrong card can be very confusing.

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Emu10k1 mixer in ALSA

The minority of them supports digital audio capturing; so the sound card has to do that and you’ll have to have an additional cable.

I have for a time now been pretty disturbed by the fact that I can’t get my Audigy2 Platinum eX drive buttons and remote to work. Retrieved from ” http: They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

Anyone knows which slider should I adjust? I’m trying to find a way to use the digital output of my Audigy 2 for analog stereo.


Alsa Opensrc Org – Independent ALSA and linux audio support site

Creative Labs SB Live! But now there is another problem: Emu10,1 this is so? This prevents regular users using ALSA directly or via a sound server.

The emu-tools don’t work with ALSA though, so the only way to get acceptable bass sound is to disable the rear speakers Wave Surround to 0, as mentioned above. The mixer named “Master” just controls what comes out of my front speakers.

See here for the pdf doc: I can play back a stereo mp3 through the front speakers of my digital receiver connected via spdif. The liinux server will not start with 4 output channels yet it will happily do 4 speaker stereo.

It is simpler manualy in alsa mixer togle “IEC Raw Playback” to get front speakers as restart alsa. It is available with the EMU-Tools. It gets better when I disable tone control, but doesn’t disappear entirely. I have tried every combination of mixer settings that I can concieve of.

Drive IR and RM remote. I have sound working great thanks to alsa and the emu10k1 drivers compiled into the kernel. In any case, once the card goes into surround40 mode, the sound is controlled as follows:.


Emu10k1 Linux driver

The 16 output ports map onto the 16 FX buses or the first 16 of 64, for the Lniux. Share your knowledge at the LQ Wiki.

Which of these input channels have physical inputs connected to them depends on the card model. Hope this helps lnux one day. This should be corrected in ALSA version bigger as 1. Please note, this driver has been written in my free time, with no financial support from E-MU except donation of the sound cards and a useful datasheet.

I have got an Audigy 4, which works pretty well in 1. I went out and bought a new generic gameport-midi-kable. You dmu10k1 check at all is working or not as expected with: Can’t really understand what happens.