Originally Posted by spaz bouviere yes please to getting the rest of the software mate!! It seems that support is lacking. I do not, however, enable my onboard soundcard on the desktop, so there are not any conflicts. Originally Posted by spaz bouviere so does anyone have 64bit drivers they can forward me??? When I have a little more time I will stick the m back in my studio machine and see what happens.

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Old55 Max Output Level: These are all discontinued products and will no longer be part of any new software or hardware development nor will they have any further specific updates.

The hardware IDs for the card are as follows:. However it’s forever in the ‘Installation is in progress. I have the m version, and regardless on what version you have, i’ve read how sketchy the driver support is for Win7. I have it uploading, I will have a link for you in a few minutes. Essentials Only Full Version. I am in process of trying to test the card under Win7 64 so we will see. Just be sure to uncheck “share drivers with other programs”. Forums Posts Latest Posts. The Emu forums are pretty useless in getting help.


Its just an EXE to setup. The drivers are working perfectlly with win 64 7 even they are for vist 64 I haven’t got any problems so far. I use whocrashed, and other utilities to determine sources of problems. Mathew Hip Hop http: I have not connected my machine to the internet to download the patches for Win 7 OS yet, could that be the problem?

Rohit Chettri Replied on August 6, I guess I could always call their support and ask them directly.

E-mu E-DSP soundcard problem after installing Windows 10 – Microsoft Community

However I was not able to complete the installation. Send a private message to pbk. No problems or worries, other than you will likely want to save your DSP Patchmix settings in a separate folder so they don’t get overwritten every time you have to rereun setup.

That and at one point the software froze, and I had to reload it. And with a single click, I could listen to a poor-audio webinar even while doing the dishes, no problem.

Originally Posted by richie43 That’s the same one I just uploaded. I am going to try that now, if anyone of you has any idea of what could be causing the problem I am facing, please do share with me. Funny realy, because I was ultra nervous about buying the m all those years back because of Creative’s flaky reputation but I have to say the m has given me nothing but excellent service.



In reply to Steve Thomson Mtl ‘s post on August 28, The beta drivers are good but what concerns me is that they’ve been in beta since July. Shut the machine down, install the card, boot, install Win 8. I’m not particularly PC-savvy, so any help explained in simple terms would be most welcome. Originally Posted by Billy M.

You may also run the in-built troubleshooter and check if it helps. Thanks for the reply.

Hope someone can advise. All you could do is try it and see if it works for you. The EMU10K1 chip bbeta the card is sample-locked at 48kHz, so you’re best sticking to that if you want to avoid sample-rate conversion.