This was until the unexpected happened Hasn’t had a problem with any media I use. No coasters on any attempted burn even the errors , just stoppage. Rated this writer 2 of The Liveupdate for firmware is great and shows that the company is dedicated to making sure they have a good product. BS, the problem is with the drive.

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Comments posted by Tony from United States, February 01, I seem to be able to buy cheap DVD’s at Fry’s and burn at up to 12x. The quiet registered because: On the older burner, I had one problem: Rated this writer 1 of Comments posted by cnrke from United Kingdom, March 01, When I realized the problem, saw that it had “sanded” a circle in the middle of the plastic.

Emprex Dvd-rw Drive DVDRW im | eBay

How to record anything on your screen using th Rated this writer 2 of Also says it can do 16x write, but haven’t tried. Mixed results from others, it looks like.

Everything seems to be fine.

Didn’t have a whole lot of coasters. Rated this writer 10 of After about six months the burner started not reconizing any dvd media. Funny, because I wasn’t sure if the grinding might be normal, or whether I was going to have to return it, till I emlrex the DVD out and noticed it creaked.


But I record at 4X, same as on my Pioneer burner, for better reliability. No problems even with cheap media.

Properly recognized first, first write fails, will not recognize the disk properly again. I kept on having to empred and close the drive times everytime I wanted to put any kind of dvd media in the drive, blank or not, just to get the drive to recognize that there was anything in there. Apparenly uses “Prassi” as the underlying software for the write?

Things went pretty well. Price just keeps dropping, wonder why? I upgraded from the 4X model. I like the cheap Everex IM 16x so far.

Emprex DVDRW 1016IM DVD Writer

These dvdddrw like they had been on the shelf for a while. I haven’t had a single compatibility problem, and the drive operates as quickly as advertised. This seems like a bug in Nero. Still a bit wary though, have 27 more days to bring back.

Both burners are excellent and the IM burns everything I put in it. Tried several types of media: ISO’ed it so same data used for all burns Software used for burns -Nero 6.


Emprex DVDRW 1116im Dvd±rw Dual Layer IDE Internal Optical Drive DVD Writer

Link connection some standalone desktop dvd recorder supports this also but then it is usually to connect your DV camera to the recorder Rating The first rating is based on a weighted rank the true Bayesianit requires at least 5 votes to get a weighted rating. The updated firmware didn’t seem to help my 8X disks burn any faster.

They don’t seem to let you jump to using it with an ISO. It burns very fast and works perfectly with the Fuji and Compusa media I’ve been using. Comments posted by icemanxlb from United States, May 26,