There are the usual suspects: Answered on Nov 18, views. Like most budget systems, there isn’t much room for internal expansion aside from the stock components. Although it might look like a home theater PC at first glance, the interior reveals a barren landscape with very little room for expansion. While power-efficient, the e runs at a relatively slow 1. Answered on Jul 25, views. And you won’t be stuck going only to Wal-Mart for it.

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eMachines EL1200-05w PC Desktop – Answered Questions & Fixed issues

Then lift the fan out of the computer. Replace the fan’s emachiens sticker. Sometimes there might be a Recovery in the Program List. These may be a convenience for people who do all their buying from Wal-Mart, but they are annoying nonetheless.

Remove all Phillips screws fastening the fan to the motherboard. This will reveal the processor chip.

eMachines El1200-05w Mini Tower PC Computer 1gb RAM 160gb HD Windows XP Pro

I’m sure the deals between eMachines, Wal-Mart, and the software developers brought the system’s price down, but these programs are all available free on the Internet, and I believe the end user should have the freedom to choose whether or not to download all of this stuff rather than have it all piled onto the hard drive automatically.


Compare These Apple iMac inch, The Bad Low-quality components produce poor performance scores; cramped interior with few expansion options.

You need to open the computer to access the motherboard. Windows compatibility for older programs that won’t place too great a demand on the system and Web access. Disconnect the fan’s power cable from the motherboard.

I use partition wizard and use emachinea resize then click apply. Answered on Sep 10, views. Because of its single-core and reduced processor speed, the disparity is most obvious in the multitasking and Cinebench benchmarks, where it took 5, seconds to complete our standard multimedia test.

The Compaq can also brag about emxchines additional 2 gigabytes of memory and double the amount of hard-drive storage space. Joel is proof that you can escape the retail grind: You may also have UN-allocated space after the resizing.

eMachines ELw Specs – CNET

This will reveal the access hole to the fan motor’s bearings. It’s only powerful enough to get you on the Web and to run very basic Windows programs. Answered on Sep 24, 89 views. Not so much for work Try to do any complicated tasks with it and you’re bound to run into trouble.


Even the most budget PCs available usually feature at least a dual-core processor, so we can’t recommend the eMachines unless you’re a fan of tapping your feet between commands. Multimedia multitasking in seconds Shorter bars indicate better performance.

Check out the eMachines ELw’s performance test results. Answered on Apr 12, views.

The cherry on the sundae is the short day trial subscription to Norton antivirus, anti-spam, firewall, and so on. What you can do is get a soundcard and install it.

We’ve changed, we promise. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. Answered on Apr 11, views.

Visit manufacturer site for details. There’s no expansion inside, except for a PCIe x1 half-height slot currently occupied by a modem and an extra DIMM slot for ndtwork that’s not surprising given its size.

Power down the computer.