Having been produced from to , this unit enjoyed the longest production run of all the Echoplex models and was used by Tommy Bolin, Andy Summers, Jimmy Page, Brian May, and many other notable guitarists of the s. I’ve used EP Booster and Belle Epoch, they get in the ballpark, but a few notches shy of the real thing. The first Echoplexes were retroactively known as the EP They found that distributor in Harris Teller, a Chicago musical wholesaler. Music Man HD Reverb. Pronounced sir-echo, this entry-level model was introduced around the same time as the EP Articles here and here from Vintage Guitar magazine about the Echoplex.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The hard rock masters.

Most important was combining the separate echo and instrument volume controls to a single pan pot, making the unit much more musician-friendly, especially for one-handed manipulation while performing.

Your name or email address: If you are not averse to having solidstate devices in your signal path, an EP-3 would be a fine choice for players looking to purchase an Echoplex but not wanting echopelx pay premium prices for a tube model.

Echoplex | Vintage GuitarĀ® magazine

The second input jack can be used instead of the first if no echo is desired, but once something is plugged into the first, both have echo. While Echoplexes were used mainly by guitar players and the occasional bass player, such as Chuck Rainey[8] or trumpeter, such as Don Ellis [9] or Miles Davis [10] [11]many recording studios also used the Echoplex.


Echoplez, reload your old cartridge with new tape. If you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the Echoplex for looping, please contact us.

Tube Tape Echo

JFK named him his favorite guitarist, and Adomono played a command performance The second tube model from the late sixties. Apr 23, 6. This isn’t just a copy. This defeated the erase tbe, as in the playback mode, but left the record head on and activated a separate playback head.

Echoplex EP-2

Apr 24, 8. Below are links to pages I’ve created on refurbishing pressure pads and reloading tape cartridges to stave off the inevitable. The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. Have the Plex biased properly to the new tape cartridge you are using. Retrieved 11 February Ditto the English Binson Echorec, which used magnetic recording tuhe.

Greybox EP-1 Serial No. Of course the signal path is all tube, using the more-accessible 12AX7 twin triodes in place of the discontinued 6EU7s of ttube originals. How to adjust tape bias an Echoplex, copied from the original service manual. Shut it down when you are not playing to preserve the tape and prevent wear on the Plex itself.


Despite his early frustration with Dixon over tone, Battle had efhoplex enamored with tube sound. Pronounced sir-echo, this entry-level model was introduced around the same time as the EP Multi-Channel tape echo unit from the early seventies.

Schoplex the current issue of VG. The Echoplex is a tape delay effectfirst made in They found that distributor in Harris Teller, a Chicago musical wholesaler.

Another post-Battle failure in the first EP-4s involved Don Dixon suggesting a compressor be added to the record section so a stronger average signal would yield less distortion from peaks and therefore, a higher signal-to-noise ratio. I did a lot of research and learned a lot. The first solid state model, early seventies EP I know there are many solid state versions.

See the link below for details on how to clean an Echoplex.

Good article from Tape Op about tape splicing.