If it’s performing well, keep it – just ad a dedicated pre-amp or two to your setup. I run an Echo Layla 3G here and it works great! You cant beat that. I would not drop an audio interface because of a lack of modern features. That doesn’t take into account the extra spdif connector either. I finally moved on to a Roland Octacapture. I have however uninstalled the Layla on my new system because I needed it to snag some tracks off my old rig which required some listening and export to waves and I doubt the crummy soundblaster or whatever is installed on that relic would have handled it very well.

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I previously had an Edirol FA So they have got around the obsolescence ecyo by making old rack units compatible with the newer cards. Cookie Jarvis Max Output Level: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? For the recordI am Brazilian and here in Brazil is very expensive to buy a current board Thanks for listening.

ECHO Gina 24/96 Professional Analog 8-outlet Module

The Layla24 is not it cool, but I prfre another. I’m constrained by price aren’t we all This is an ancient thread revived by the feller’ or lass from Brazil looking to sort out how to keep the Layla from being overtaken by other programs on the system.


Product replaced by the Echo Layla3G. It’s a P4 2.

echo Layla 24/96 Multitrack Recording System Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

Both work great 16 channels!. I was sad to see the 3G go, but it was time. I get a huge output level and a punchy sound. I’ll be doing a complete overhaul of the system now that I know much more than I did back then so maybe it’ll be more useable but the 18i6 is my go to. But admittedly, wondering if the RME Hammerfall stuff would really make a difference.

Echi does its job and can be mounted in a rack. Beepster Max Output Level: I don’t know how many tracks I can record simultaneously because I don’t record many tracks at the same time. Echo is good about updating their drivers for older stuff, but they’ve scaled down what they now sell quite a bit and I haven’t seen anything with Win8 drivers.

I also intended to record live I just bought a 2nd This is a very great interface with enough ins and outs to run your whole studio. Intel i7 3. I’d be dangerous ; http: Essentials Only Full Version.

The Great Adrla Status: So it was not easy to find the right port. Sort by most recent most useful. I’m very satisfied with this product.


The only interfaces I see with PP on all channels are rather costly. The installation is easy and fast. It’s other limitation, at least ecoh me, is the lack of “modern” preamps. I actually spent most of my freshman year using it.

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It still works after some system tweaks but if I push it too hard it craps out. I use the Lynx Two-C in my main computer and L in the other here in the studio. Yes – this sounds like the Windows Default audio Device is set to use the audio interface, and SOME application or even Windows is using it right now, or just has it tied xarla, and Sonar cannot get at it.

Darlz don’t do a lot of condenser mic recording, but when I do, I have to use an analog mixer for phantom power and pre’s. As far as switching back and forth between the Scho and a new interface that hasn’t seemed to cause any problems for me I didn’t do much of that though.