P2 Cards are high-precision micro-computers with their own processors, firmware, a RAID controller, and gigabytes of the highest-quality zero-fault solid-state memory chips. Looking for upgrade information? The Rs 16, Lenovo P2 is a strong attempt to address the battery problem,. Check Price in India and Buy Online. Since P2 cards are a transitory storage medium, it will always be necessary to copy the data off the P2 cards onto some hard drives. You can also use the P2 Contents Management System software to copy entire clips or groups of clips onto or off of your card. This is a relatively new idea, which is interesting since the cost of hard drive storage has plummeted so that hard drive storage is now cheaper than buying tapes!

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One further comment here about drives – it may seem that the best thing to so is to use massive sueladapter on location so that you have limited numbers of drives to work with but this is not necessarily the case.

Discover the dueladaptsr of the Internet. Virtually every popular nonlinear editing system works with P2 Footage, including: USB Host Mode provides even more capability.

Duel Adapter P2 driver

Write-protect switchover can be performed while the card is being accessed during recording or playbackbut does not take effect until access to the card ceases. You would be well advised to ensure that the drivers are up to date to ensure that the latest P2 cards and peripherals are compatible. Because of the high speed design of P2 Cards, they can be used as an edit media — in other words, there’s duelxdapter requirement to transfer the footage off of the cards before editing; you could actually edit immediately right from the cards.

However, you can use P2CMS to copy files to the card. What is it and how does it work? This means this particular clip has a proxy file attached to it.


These memory cards are currently quite expensive but the workflow is excellent – the success of the format will depend on dueladaptet well producers adopt its novel post-production workflow but a strategic acceptance by the BBC that DVCPro HD using non-linear acquisition is its preferred choice should ensure the continued success of the format.

DuelAdapter Expresscard to PCMCIA PC Cards Adapter, Synchrotech

Panasonic P2 cards, and 3G wireless cards from Sprint. Dual Systems worked out a way to ingest p2 footage into your mac a couple of years ago, but So, for 3x the cost of a Duo-Adapter, you can finely now buy the Panasonic.

Can I use the USB1. Some companies make archival systems designed specifically to work with MXF files such as is found on P2 Cards.

Dual 10 Gb Copper and Dual 1 Gb Ethernet Dual 10 it will support any serial device that has an operating system device driver.

In addition, if your chosen editing application isn’t on the list above, a third-party application may enable you to be able to use P2 footage. If you have an account with us, please log in. On a Macintosh computer, a P2 Card pops up on your desktop with a distinctive P2 icon or, on earlier versions of the Macintosh operating system, it’ll show up as a generic storage icon.

Expresscard to PCMCIA, ExpressCard 34, PC Card and CardBus Read-Writer DuelAdapter 1 Slot

This cross-platform device seamlessly converts data at the highest throughput speed from PC Cards designed for cellular broadband, wireless networking, video, audio and memory expansion to the new ExpressCard format. There is however a limit of only 15 drive partitions allowed per drive, as Windows assigns each drive an alphabetic letter to define it.

Because P2 Cards record in universally interchangeable MXF data files, they are immediately usable by properly-configured Windows and Macintosh computers.

And it comes with dueeladapter USB-C cable. The idea is that pictures can be recorded onto DVCPro HD for the main production and that the memory cards provide a temporary transient storage medium, prior to being transferred to the main storage medium where it can be used and then later archived.


The same reboot step is required when removing the DuelAdapter from the MacBookPro and then reinserting it. Please be sure to format a P2 card with the following software.

Yes, you can freely inter-mix any type of footage. These new and inexpensive Dueladdapter card readers P2 card adapters are the perfect.

Firstly, only drives GB or less can be powered from the G10 unit via USB2, so it makes sense to use these and also, the latest Mac OS only allows certain quantities of drive numbers, so increasing the quantity of P2 cards used uses up this capacity quite quickly – duelzdapter have found that the combination of using 16GB P2 cards and GB ruggedised USB-2 pp2 drives are the best combination when using the G10 archive unit.

I have one clip recorded onto two P2cards Spanned clip. All P2 camcorders record video with some standard metadata fields, including individual camera type, dueladdapter serial number, and unique dueldaapter clip ID. This camcorder is capable of recording data only if used with the FS-1 Firestore. Once you transfer your material onto hard drive, you can check the clip icons and metada off the hard drive to give you peace of mind.

This is also in the Metadata menus in the Thumbnail mode. Chromatic aberration correction CAC can correct chromatic aberrations color fringing introduced by the lens optics. It is small, lightweight and a perfect accompaniment to a single unit package using either the HDX, Varicam or now HPX units, as it uses the same compression scheme for easy post-production and the pictures closely dueladaptre these camcorders too!