Communicate privately with other enthusiasts. Forum General Legislation, and modified car laws Dob in a hoon. Reports of hoon driving help Victoria Police target repeat offenders and focus on specific locations. Thursday, 27 December Dob in a hoon.

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Its easy to join and only takes about 30 seconds! Please provide your feedback: Report antisocial driver behaviour or speeding to w immediately onor drop into a Police Station and complete a Traffic Incident Report if the incidents are ongoing and you have information on the offenders.

There are a number of offences that can render a vehicle liable to impoundment or immobilisation, and from 1 August if a person is found driving with a blood alcohol concentration BAC of 0. By the way it happened in SA.

Victoria Police – Hoon laws

No matter where you go, there you are. Factory 4 bolt block, where’s it Provision of photographic or video evidence is a powerful tool that can assist police with enquiries into hooning complaints, however if you intend taking these images please consider your safety and do not put yourself in any danger when taking them.

He is now facing a number of charges at court. Last Post By HQ 12 replies Posted By Toranacompliance 0 replies Today, Posted By ajvx01 17 replies Access various other hidden features, such as live chat and a whole lot more. Antisocial behaviour and speeding by some drivers on our roads who cause damage, disturb the peace and threaten the safety of our neighbourhoods, should not be tolerated.


Dob in a hoon.

Cookies, not donuts.

Sun 2 August Anti-hoon laws are about making roads safer and reducing road trauma. When off duty and not in a police car all the road rules apply.

You can join thousands of other V8 enthusiasts from around Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world discussing all topics on car modifications, maintenance and racing! Did you find this page helpful? Sounds fair dosnt it? It can and has happened but not that often.

Dob in a hoon :: City of Gosnells

Looks good buddy very familiar haha, looks like you spent a bit more time smoothing out everything then I did. If you know the identity of a hoon driver, have knowledge of hoon driving activity, or are able to provide a description of vehicles involved make, model, colour, registration number you can report this to Crime Stoppers without revealing your own identity.

Make your voice heard on the future of Warrnambool, what matters to you. They were introduced doh Victoria in Julyand give police the power to impound, immobilise or permanently confiscate vehicles driven by people in a dangerous manner.


A decent set of boots worked wonders for me and my mates. I know it says in the rules that a burn out is defined as one or more wheels losing traction and or making smoke, but what im interested in is the old law stated at lest in NSW that the wheels had to do 3 revolutions and or 3 sec to be prosecuted as such.

Sat 1 August Last updated: So what are you waiting for?

There is tough legislation available to Police to deal with the hoons responsible and stop these incidents from happening, however police often need public assistance to deal with these matters. But then goes zooming passed me, say im doing 53 in a 50 zone and he goes flying passed me at say aa least 90ks. Saturday, 29 December I like the way that is. WCC on Social Media. A vehicle may be impounded or immobilised, regardless of who owns it and whether the driver is the registered operator.

Its like visiting a swap meet without leaving your chair. Last edited by toryman; at