A headphone plugged into the front headphone jack works, the computer’s external speaker amplifier may also be plugged into the headphone jack. Best Displays , for University Students. Skip to main content. Only Moving Magnet pick-ups are compatible. Higher samplerates are only for the analog inputs. A great way to make sure that you don’t miss anything! Please share our article, every link counts!

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It’s rather appealing for hobby sound studios due to the comprehensive connectivity. An electric guitar output without passing through the amp will be pure, the only tone effects being those set on the guitar. Written by Kalman A.

Any overdubbing as such will only happen when the two are saved as a mix I do of course reserve my right to be completely wrong about this. To judge the sound quality is always a difficult task. Connections on the front.

Setting up and using a TerraTec DMX-6Fire-USB external soundcard | Libre Music Production

If you see the annunciator in the top right but hear no sound then maybe your speaker hookup is faulty or the volume is low; investigate. Connections on the rear side. We make sure as earlier that the 6Fire driver kernel module IS in fact loaded.

The card’s sound quality could please in the test and both measuring programs showed an evident improvement in comparison to an integrated HD audio soundcard from Realtek. Internet Reviews Following reviews were found in the internet while writing this report and may contribute to a purchase ueb The correct module should be what the OS uses: The outputting of 5.


But there are barely any other lower-priced alternatives for users who need the interface abundance. Worthy of mentioning is also the monitor function, over which a signal can be looped through the speaker and the volume can be modified. Please share our article, every link counts! Otherwise it may come to disagreeable crackling and disruptive sound output, like it dmx6firs i.

This can be checked beforehand with the freeware DPC Latency Checker Tool there should only be green bars, possibly a few yellow ones, displayed. The 6fire headphone output can of course also serve headphones.

It sees 6Fire under hardware. The firmware is another story.

Setting up and using a TerraTec DMX-6Fire-USB external soundcard

Arta – Digital internal Loopback – Frequency Response. The measuring results were somewhat poorer with Arta the Audio Analyzer couldn’t cope with the input of the XLR connection. Actually I think that the term overdubbing may be premature here because what is being done is listening to a track while recording another.


Follow us on social media and make sure you don’t miss any new content. In order to receive objective measurements we used the software Arta dmz6fire the RightMark Audio Analyzer with Loop cables to test the soundcard. Especially the numerous inputs should be interesting for hobby and semi-professional users. Load Audacity and observe that the dropdown menus resemble what is shown here; namely that the 6Fire is ready as a MIC input for recording as well as as a sound output.


Why is it not possible to hear Midi sounds? The dmx6rire is that the 6Fire sends a cleaner signal to the sound card than the guitar alone would. I have not found any so far, except for the dmx6tire jobs that cost a fortune!

Review Terratec DMX 6Fire USB Soundcard – Reviews

When compared to audio output through our iMac’s headphone jack, it was brighter, punchier and had a wider dynamic range. With the resulting normal setup Audacity will give the option to use whatever soundcard might suit your fancy for output.

In preferences under Devices observe the 6Fire as having been recognized, and that 2 track recording is the pref. What can I do if the control panel can not access the hardware? If you are missing something, please suggest additions! The interfaces are allocated on the front and back side and the built-in rubber dial prevents wobbling and has a pleasant haptic.