After many hours of troubleshooting. I tried a different HDMI and it still cut out. It’s showing up as “Camera DK2”, however when the runtime tries to install “Oculus Positional Tracker Driver” it fails with the error message “Positional Tracker Driver x64 Failed” and then windows 7 defaults to using ksthunk. I’m going to try a coupler and a not expensive but not trash HDMI cable. Thinking about buying one? Has anyone tried opening this thing?

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Only the connector on the device ie Oculus is different, the cable is always the same. A couple of days ago my DK2 started g out.

How I fixed my 2 hardware related DK2 issues, a camera issue and a cable hub issue : oculus

Thinking about buying one? Bent back cables on cable to get Rift DK2 tracker and monitor to show up in windows devices.

Seems like a lot of manufacturing inconsistencies in this first batch. How has it been confusing? I have to glue it or something because the naked wires are getting exposed near the plug that plugs into the PC. I’ve tried it in every USB port and hub I have. I’ll order one from Amazon. Damn I wondered how the mini box works with the cables.


I haven’t done this, but should be possible Read the FAQ before posting a question. I also have some troubles with the rift, in case anyone has similar issues ill post it here. I was really hoping this would fix the camera issue for me, but it didn’t. Camera will turn on when running demo scene so when demo scene is up try slowly rest eating both jacks on sync cable.

Be civil or your post may be removed. I’d like to extend mine for use with ps move service and haven’t found any solid answers as to compatibility. Login to reply to this thread. Just email oculus support and have them send you a replacement. It will work solid in the beginning and then over time it will stop tracking or start stuttering really bad, and the only way I solve this is to unplug and plug the cameras USB.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I have a feeling all my connections are pretty solid, since the rift cale only the camera won’t turn on or install drivers.


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Would save the hassle but each to their own: The cabble processor is just to make the cable thinner. All the Cablw 1.

This means that you can replace the HDMI cable on the DK2 without any issues, so long as you’re still using the original USB cable, since that needs to inject the sync and power. I have tested and are considering a setup like this Solution – Bent back wires on cable hub Edit: A lot of people are having success using a powered USB hub for the camera.

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