Send a private message to money Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sponsored Links. Originally Posted by Hardcore Ok well this is interesting, my old glide says midrange driver. Likewise, each weight range may not be available in all colors. Thrown this disc for years.

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It’s in Z plastic, which I’m digging. Haven’t gotten a chance to try it out so not totally sure what to expect. The bluntness creates kinda a slower turn.

Find all posts by Quinntastic. Thrown this disc for years.

Discraft Z Line Glide

Picked up the new one a couple weeks ago cause I like the old one so much, definitely one of my go to mids that I don’t see myself parting with any time soon.

I never noticed that, hmmmm, now I’m not sure if these are the same or is just the wording on it that’s changed. Amazing disc for wooded courses.

Originally Posted by Quinntastic The one I have is a major pop top. I liked it so much that I bought another one just like it as a back up if mine every gets lost. Send a private message to Hardcore I have a leopard and a leopard3 but more often then not I’m pulling out the glide strictly because of my confidence in it. Find all posts by ThomasOrion.


Z Glide | Discraft Fairway Disc Golf Driver

The Discraft Elite Z Glide is a long range understable fairway driver HTML is not translated! It is basically a ‘faster’ Meteor. The one I have is a major pop top. Great disc for people switching from ultimate. In the woods of North Carolina a disc that can be turned over at different times based on speed and angle can be the difference between winning and losing.

Thrown with any anny and it’ll just go right.

For me the flight characteristics are just as Hardcore describes and in Z plastic, this is simply the most durable indestructible disc that I have ever owned. Enter the code in the box below: Thoughts on the Discraft Glide. Find all posts by wproct. Any discraft aficionados out there that can give me a little schooling doscraft this?

Glide Elite-Z

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Find all posts by Hardcore Feel free to contact us if you need more specific info. I have two one old elite z discarft a new one.


I think I duscraft only ran into a couple of other players who use one, I can’t believe that they aren’t more popular than they are. Nice for short pizza toss annies as well. Dec Years Playing: Originally Posted by money 21 Thrown this disc for years.

It holds a nice smooth turnover or can be underpowered or finessed to fly VERY straight. Disc Golf Review Archive.