If one set of inputs is being used, it may cancel the other set. It also works fine in Sonar. Alndln Max Output Level: It is working now, yes, with the HW connected? You can adjust level of anything by manipulating the faders and you will be set for basic recording levels as long as whatever you connect to your board gets PFL solo’d and its levels properly set.

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Good luck and enjoy your Axe-Fx!!! You can hear anything through your studio monitors as long as it is assigned to L-R or the main mix and you adjust your studio monitor volume via the main faders s. For them its all about getting their customers to use their gear so sigi when it is time to upgrade then they buy more Digi gear. Not entirely sure I’m reading your question right, but here’s my answer to how I read it. Never touch this knob again!

Will any other software work with this device? Anyone have this problem? The ability to play your Axe-Fx or any other gear through your studio monitors without having Pro Tools running or even having your computer on.



Do I need a line mixer to do all this? Since that agreement you linked to says something about not getting to upgrade in the future, but is that dibi for the seller?

We thought I’d be able to use his license and pay for the upgrade, but since I have a Macbook, it won’t let me install a “PowerPC” application from his original CD.

I go straight into my from the Axe via XLR and it sounds sweet! Our of curiosity, how is the ?

It had defaulted to The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. This gives me zero latency monitoring when tracking guitars the digital output is the one being raxk, but I’m actually listening to the other signal. I like the new rotary controls on it touch sensative derived from the Icon. Do you already have an account?

What sample rate are you using? You can drag any audio file into GB and use it as a backing track.

LionSound Max Output Level: These include, but are not limited to, removing content and even access to the forum. But the addition of a small, good quality mixer helps.


I had a old core audio driver and once that was fixed, abelton found the rack just fine. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. But this does work. Hope this helps you out.

I know because i help people install these systems. A Connect the direct outputs for channels of your mixing board to the inputs of your Digi B Connect the subgroup outs ravk your mixing board to the inputs of your Digi Using the direct outputs allows you to have a hard connection of those channels directly into Pro Tools.

anyone know how to route the rack into abelton? : abletonlive

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Apr 10, 5. Coreaydio think the resolution is set at What is your latency setting? My reading of the document is that you will have all the upgrades the previous owner registered with avid. Digidesign is all about being proprietary.