After this notification, the miniport driver is still responsible for completing any active requests. I tried to warp dbgprint in another method. Because all DbgPrint function has been modified in storport. The Storport header file, storport. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Are your switches zoned so that only one hba on your server can see only 1 storage port OR tape port?

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Join Date May Posts As soon as it receives the initial request for a target peripheral, the operating system-specific port driver calls the HwScsiStartIo routine with an input SRB.

This value should be used only if the HBA can queue multiple requests and support auto-request sense or tagged queuing.

All miniport drivers must have a HwScsiStartIo routine. The miniport driver should complete all pending requests and must reset the given bus. In this callback, the miniport driver reenables interrupts on the HBA. Need your help I am very new to windows device driver.

Indicates that a target device might have been added or removed from a dynamic bus. Data transfers are performed by the hardware itself using Direct Memory Access or DMA without operating system intervention.


For a Plug and Play miniport driver, the port driver calls HwScsiFindAdapter when the Plug and Play manager has detected an adapter for that miniport driver. I will post again if I come across it. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Indicates the miniport driver is ready for another request to a target that is not currently busy.

windows – SCSI port vs storport – Stack Overflow

Together, these changes help hardware vendors realize their high performance interconnect goals. No real difference, and actually better than the MS driver. Sign up using Facebook. After this call, the HBA miniport driver owns the request and is expected to complete it.

The code does not compile.

Notes on Windows SCSI Miniport Driver

Is ther a simple way to figure it out? Can someone tell me what the difference is?

I have been using miniport driver 1. Google was no help. A miniport driver that calls ScsiPortInitialize more than once should check the value returned by ScsiPortInitialize at each call and save the lowest value for all its calls.

While this callback runs, it cannot be preempted by an interrupt except from a device with a higher priority interrupt than the HBA. I had an article on it somewhere, but don’t have access to it at the moment.


Solved: difference between scsiport and storport? – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

I also tried scsidebugprint and assertmsg. When you go to update the driver in dev mgr, specifically which file do you point it to? I tried to warp dbgprint in another method. The function name is case-sensitive, so ensure that you are calling DbgPrint 2.

If this value is set, ScsiPortNotification requires two additional parameters: Newer driver releases don’t have the miniport driver, just storport. The ScsiPortNotification routine informs the operating system-specific port driver of certain events, such as when a miniport driver completes a request or diffegence ready to start another SRB, as well as when the HBA indicates certain SCSI error conditions that occurred during an operation.

Storport allows more direct and efficient communications There is a load of technical details at: If you’re going to use StackOverflow, you need to learn how to post. If this storporh is set, ScsiPortNotification requires one additional parameter: