General suggestions for such a program were also made by Dr. L g Zi. This foriii of government is an interesting sample of antiquity in American governmental institutions. JJCE Bonds , Record of county taxes due on unseated lands, showing number of acres, name of ovmer, location of property, assessed valuation, amount of tax due, I-. Appearance Docket Index, — , entry

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The records of the United Charities of Hazleton arc kept in the superin- tendent’s office in the Adiiinistrativc Building at 65 Madison Avenue, ‘.

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The Decree of Trenton, inawarded the land to Pennsylvania 8InPennsylvania included this region in the newly formed county of Northiimberland, divided from Northampton; the following year the Connecticut Assembly erected Wilkes-Barre and the surrounding region, sometimes referred to as the “seventeen townships”, into the ToiAm of Westmoreland, Litchfield County.

Of course, if they violate any of the provisions of the law they may be hold to answer in the courts. Transcript of Unseated Lands,5 vols. Calendar of cases ordered for trial, giving date of trial, court term and case no.

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The register of ivills and clerk of orphans’ court har. In children in institutions will become the sole charges of the board of county commissioners see Poor Districts of Luzerne County.

Hdv;, on ptd, fii. Juveniles See also entries, All costs collected by him and not paid out to the parties en- titled to them are turned over, with the cost docket, to his successor In the fall of all were either massacred, captured, or driven out by enemy Delawares at the instigation of Pontiac, in his attempt to destroy all European settlements 7.


Our practice specializes in glaucoma, diabetes and macular regeneration, using the most pc-182s equipment in southwestern Virgina. Upon receipt from the tax collectors of taxes outstrnding on seated lands, ded county corjnissioners must enter the return in a docket styled the”TGX Return Docket” 19The returns for each ward in each city, borough, and tovmship must be alphabetically indexed, with the nrjne of the ovmor, locality, the year the return was filed, and the page of the docket vj-here a lien is recorded in aiiotiicr rex styled the “Tax Lien Index” Hdw, on ptd, fm.

Trans- cript of Unseated Land Taxes,pc-8112s vols. Orphans’ Court locket,11 vols. The early Pc–812s settlers in Pennsylvania brought over English practices and English traditions of local government and these have always been the basis of Pennsyl- vania county government. Record of treasurer’s sales of seated lands to county commissioners for delinquent taxes, showing date of sale, names of municipalities and former owners, number of acres or lots, location of property, dates, amounts, and kind of unpaid taxes, names of buyer and clerk, and disposition of property by com- missioners.

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From this list of twelve men the following were chosen: Other third class counties are Delaware, Lackawanna, Montgomery, and Westmoreland. Municipal and Mechanic Liens Index, Plaintiffs, entry In such proceedings a bond for the payi. This building was used for more than fifty pc-8122s. The prothonotarj’- kt-eps the miijority dec his records in his office, ‘ others being stored in the pro- thonotary’ s and cli-rk of courts’ basement vaults and in the janitor’s base- ment storeroom.


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dexx These include the county commissioners, board of viewers, the controller, the grand jury, the voters of the county, the judges of the district court and the citizens as petitioners The county lies on the southern bound- ary of the great glacial ice cap which, as it melted, left behind hills of pebbly debris, scratched rocks, huge boulders and glacial pot holes. Red Cross chapters, and visiting nurses’ associations, all of v.

Papers and Dockets, Criminal Discontinued, Returns of real estate taxes assessed by the city of Wilkes-Barre, showing year of assessment, date, name of owner, location of property, amount of tax and signature of receiver, Arr. The Second Pennamite War, waged over private land titles, vtas ended finally in with the vesting of title to land in the first settler upon it. On an expedition with the Pcc-812s, inhe traveled down the Susquehanna from the lieadwaters of its North Branch to the Chesapeake Lay 2.

Liens See also entries62 Record of moneys lui.