Discussion forums for open issues and questions concerning database tools, data access components and developer tools from Devart. I hope you can see that I am working hard too. Post a comment Name You can use this dialog to indicate the connection to use by selecting a driver and connection name. As you can see by comparing the two listings, this is a subset of the driver’s parameters. Try to use these values.

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It’s important to remember that these initialization files are used only at design time. ReadCommitted 10 OS Authentication: DelphiGroups, and other discussion sites, all to no avail. The fact that the provider is hidden is odd, because it is created as a compound component.

This list associates settings with a name, and you can enter multiple connection details for every database driver. However, in case you want to connect your program to a new database, you can set directly the relevant properties.

The final component in the dbExpress group is SQLMonitor, which is used to log requests sent from dbExpress to the database server. For Dynalink drivers, the driver name is associated with these files:. In each of the dataset componentsyou cannot specify directly which database to use, but can only refer to a SQLConnection.

In theory, the files will be required if you want to change the DriverName or ConnectionName properties at run time.

As, I mentioned yesterday, with the first block of code you sent to me, I received the same ORA exception. That is, you do not need to deploy dbxdrivers. The component allows you to modify the properties and events of the compound components besides the provider and replace the internal connection with an external one, so that multiple datasets share the same database delphii.


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Full control Here is other infornmation that might help you: As I mentioned earlier, of the four dataset components for dbExpress, the fundamental one is TSQLDataSetdelpui can be used both to retrieve a dataset and to execute a command.

In the ‘Connect as’ dropdown box, three values are listed: Because this dialog refers to ‘ This does NOT happen.

Oracle 10g XE 2 Version: Although you can always specify a connection using only the DatabaseName and Params properties, it can be more convenient to name a specific combination and then just identify the connection by name. Next, I read the ReadMe. Notice, in fact, that if you change some of the settings, the data is immediately written to the INI files: When you create a new connection, the system will copy the default parameters from the driver; you can then edit them for the specific connection—for example, providing a proper database name.

I hope you sqlonnection see that I am working hard too.

A time stamp is a record-based representation of a date or time, and it’s quite different from the floating-point representation used by the TDateTime data type. This way when you need to access the same database from another application, or another connection within the same application, all you need to do is to select the connection.


Setting Up TSQLConnection – RAD Studio

sqlvonnection At run time, use the Params. The relationship between these files and the database name is stored in a file called dbxdrivers. Home Board index Contact us.

delpyi In both cases the Windows 7 firewall was off. A simple ‘Yes’ will do. Because Params is a string list, at design time, you can double-click the Params property in the Object Inspector to edit the parameters using the String List editor.

Delphi + MySQL + SQLConnection

Please run the ‘tnsping’ utility and send me the result type in the command line ‘tnsping localhost’ and press enter. Driver and vendor libraries are listed in properties you can freely change at design time although you’ll rarely want to do thiswhile the database and other database-specific connection settings are specified in the Params properties.

Of course this is also the option you’ll want to use for unattended connections, for example on a Web server. For example, the InterBase section reads as follows:. However, since this operation copies the connection data, notice that updating the connection doesn’t automatically refresh the values within other SQLConnection components referring to the same named connection: sqlvonnection