I rashly bought this monitor. I have since hooked up my new MBP to that monitor and the monitor looks like crap! Tom J Nowell 5 Is there any chance of getting this monitor to work properly with my MacBook Pro? Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Glover In response to C. Oct 4, 6:

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Tom J Nowell 5 u240 There isn’t a firmware update for this monitor that I could find since I’m running on a Mac.

So no, it was not a problem with callibrating the monitor or its colour profile. Posted on Oct 4, 6: Not only are they usually thinner than DVI cables mine is thinner than the ethernet cableit also carries line-level audio. Thanks for the color settings for using the Dell U with a mac.

Emil 1 1. While I use DisplayPort to connect, no configuration needed.

Don’t worry it’s quite easy with the del, of Apple Display Calibrator Assistant. If you have the optional Dell speaker bar or another powered external audio setup which connects to the audio out port on the back of the monitor, then you have fewer cables to attach to your laptop. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Ask a question Reset.


I rashly bought this monitor. Sounds like a calibration problem or ddell resolution problem. However, you can try to adjust the settings in ‘Color Settings’ section to make it better. This containing box is invisible on the Dell monitor but visible on the macbook screen.

Thanks for the settings, it looks much better. Delo is great — I had fiddling with the calibration tool with no success. Any advice is welcome. So far so good.

ColorSync Profile for Dell U2410 on MacBook Pro

More seriously – what’s the actual problem? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. While I was in the Apple shop, I treated myself to a new keyboard as well, to cheer myself up.

I found the Dell support site extremely difficult to penetrate, so I put the monitor back in its box and am going to sell it if I can’t easily find out how to use it.

YPbPr sends approximate colours and is used primarily for TVs.


Connecting Apple Thunderbolt Display + Dell U2410 to rMBP (mid 2012) under Madvericks

It will only shut the screen off but full power is still sent to the monitor. Alex Chen del 8. Similar with the sidemenu and metaboxes in the admin area.

Glover There seems to not be a lot of love for this monitor, with most issues relating to sleep. Some like it however, and have some configs to try: What model Macbook Pro do you have? When using it with my Macbook Pro, I found it too bright and delll default color setting is not so good.

ColorSync Profile for Dell U on MacBook Pro | Joe’s Quest

Sign up using Facebook. You can verify this if you navigate the settings menu on the monitor.

If not, you still have to “Calibrate