TL8 – Tape Library 8mm. If a VTL software version is causing a problem, Veritas will work with the hardware vendor to resolve the problem. SAN media servers cannot back up data that resides on other clients. The NFS server exporting the file system must be configured to allow root access to the file system. On the other esxi I do not see any details under the storage adapter. I’m at the beginning stage.

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Fx of disk storage unit Description BasicDisk A BasicDisk type storage unit consists of a directory on a locally-attached disk or a network-attached disk that is exposed as a file system to a NetBackup media server. OS tape driver considerations.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Completes internal diagnostics on power. This item is in good working condition. Reference for details http: We followed the diagram for physically connecting the MD to the 2 esxi hosts, so I believe this is correct.

Both arry will remain supported on older versions of NetBackup and will follow the published Product End of Life Policy guidelines https: Encryption and security solution support information is listed below, organized by solution type.


PowerVault – Page – Dell Community

Check with the device manufacturer to determine the delll version at which support for a specific attribute was added. Manufacturer Part Number Reboot the controller and we are getting resonance from the management interface. Guaranteed Delivery see all. OS – All Versions.

Articles on this Page showing articles to of delp Tape Libraries – Considerations. Clustered Master Server Compatibility. Update 11 is supported and requires NetBackup 7. Box Condition Adapter Connector. No other accessories included. This release type contains much of the same requirements as a major release.

If your storage server shows support for Accelerator with VMware in the tables below, Veritas recommends updating your device mappings file to the current version wrray ensure this functionality is enabled.

If an item listed below will cause significant business impacts, contact your Veritas Sales Account Team. My understanding is that the two controllers will talk to each other and try to match firmware. Enclosure 0 Left Firmware Version: Client Physical Memory Requirement.


DELL-Sam L’s Activities

All firmware versions newer than what is listed are also supported. To enable this NetBackup Engineering plans to release either a process or tool to assist customers in migrating from these platforms to a supported platform.

Instant Recovery for VMware. Two magazines for a total of 16 slots.

The list of attributes for each tape drive is based on the most recent drive testing. Infrastructure – Switches Used In Testing. NetBackup stores backup data in the specified directory.

Notes about BasicDisk type storage units: Can some one help me with that?