I downloaded the Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6. To change back to the LCD, use this command:. I may be working on a Dell Latitude notebook for a client C To de-activate DRI all you have to do is set the default depth in the xorg. We service Dell machines in teh shop I work for, so we have access to some dell parts listings, such as they are.

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DRI only works at depth If this card isnt there, then both the phone and network jacks are not usable.

Question about the ethernet jack on a Dell Latitude C – Ars Technica OpenForum

VGA Out worked with the r driver and my xorg. This command changes video output to the TV. It took me a while to figure out why the laptop’s ethernet port didn’t work.

Here is my final sources. What kind of documentation is it that you have? These commands define a second server layout named Multihead. I downloaded the Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6. The second trick is to have the TV on and connected to the laptop before you turn the laptop on. If it isnt, then you’d need to get the card before you’d be able to use the built in jacks for anything.


Dell Latitude C Laptop Replacement Parts |

On this laptop DRI will only work at 16 bpp. If you don’t play congroller or watch videos then you can increase the default depth to 24 DRI will be de-activated.

So I added feisty to my sources. No really, I do. Create a delll partition. Sat Jan 15, The hibernate command works fine without any modifications.

Because I’m wondering why it needs the Xircom card in the first place if it already has a built in ethernet rthernet. Fluxbox didn’t support the sound function keys.

Драйвера DELL Latitude C600

Thats what I get paid teh big bucks for. Sun Jan 16, 5: The actual installation process was very simple – a few easy questions followed by about an hour copying files to the local hard controoller. This is where they plug in their ethernet cable.

Is this card going to be a Dell only item, or will I be able to find it somewhere else? Should work with XP, correct? I may be working on a Dell Latitude notebook for a client C There is also a built in ethernet jack on the right side. Sun Jan 16, 8: I contgoller in the DFE, ubuntu detected it without any problems.


Question about the ethernet jack on a Dell Latitude C600

The first way to do contro,ler suspend is to use the Fn-Esc key combination. This second layout uses a second screen the external monitor and places it on the right side of the laptop screen. To change back to the LCD, use this command:. Originally posted by Hellion Prime: I am very happy with Ubuntu 7.

The second way to suspend is to use the hibernate command either in a shell or bind it to a key. If you watch videos or play games then you need DRI and you can’t use suspend.