Gyration, Dell Premium, and Fiire Chief. Back to Contents Page Troubleshooting: Trademarks used in this text: There are a number of ways to get the remote working on Linux: Some keys work out of the box. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

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From here you can view songs by album or artist and even access your playlist.

Gyration-based MCE Remotes – MythTV Official Wiki

It has an LCD read-out. Defiantly worth it in the end, since even a normal Gyration mouse is over bucks.

Please read all restrictions and disclaimers. Presumably mythlcdserver and lcdproc after some minor code modification somewhere Product Type 2 is officially supported starting in Linux kernel 2. I del, a super deal from the Red Planet Trading Co.

Looks like when I called dell the part is now YY and is There are a number of ways to get the remote working on Linux: Has anyone had any luck with this?

How to: Build your own Gyration Media Center remote

The best part is: Back to Contents Page Programming: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It would be worth some soldering to get a more universal fix.


By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our gyrtaion, functionality and advertising cookies. Overall thanks for this, It looks like it will be awesome once i get the kinks gyratino out. This is a remote to end all remotes!

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I ordered the yy from Dell as well. I just checked the invoive and it does list the part as CX Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

I can see the play lists on the lcd display, play songs, control the media center. Very easy to install and use. I was at work when the UPS delivery came, so it is at the appartment office now waiting for me to pick it up.

Apparently, only the standard MCE keys send out an RF signal – for example the menu key doesn’t do anything in PC mode, so you can’t re-program it.

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Dell Gyration Remote

The LCD is awesome when you dont want to turn on your monitor for connectivity. Dell specifically disclaims knowledge of the accuracy, completeness or substantiation for any such statements.


I have Windows 7 and it has been working consummately. Gyration, Dell Premium, and Fiire Chief.

My daughters and I watch gyratin of videos on Hulu, Netflix and Youtube. I restarted my mediacenter machine and it says… no operating system found. We did experience some lag while scrolling down the list of songs, but this could have been due to our excessive button smashing.

When we asked [Greg] at Gyration for some help on this project he explained to us that the M remote will only bind RF Connect with the Dell RF module due to the way Dell gyrarion chosen to write its drivers; the remote will not work with any of their standard RF receivers.

I have purchased both yy and the remote. I was able to get it set up and it seems like most everything is working fine. I will have a write up available soon here, and on the ubuntu forums.