It works fine till I reboot the laptop. Tony Smith June 28, at 4: See the comments for some more info. It took me about an hour or so to get Windows 7 up and running, and most of the drivers working. You will need to download these three packages and install in this order:. I had an issue in fingerprint reader, I never thought reinstalling will be the solution for it. Now if I could actually get my fingers to register!

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Credential Vault Host Storage … stopped. If you did install the ControlVault driver, try using system restore to roll back This is what I did after installing the driver a second time, after reinstalling windows to recover from the first time….

Previously, you had to download several different ControlPoint packages and install them, hoping one was the right one.

Getting fingerprint reader working on Dell laptop – Jason Shuler’s Tech Blog

Dell has quietly released a single installer that takes care of installing all the sub-components correctly, in the correct order thanks Mark for pointing this out. Well, if you are going to repair or enhance the capacity of your laptop on own, then it would be helpful to get the finest quality laptop spares bitt the internet, after matching the brand and model of the laptop with the available parts. You made my day! There was no warning, nothing. I had to mix parts of this and that, but here is the result: Cnotrolvault solved it as follows: The single installer worked for fingerprints right away.


Therefore it is important to uninstall any Biometric Authentication Software if previously installed. You will need to download these three packages and install in this bkometric. Unknown November 4, at 2: I love using the FP reader to authenticate.

I also installed the controlvault, but did not have to reinstall windows restore points were disabled. Begin using fingerprint authentication feature by selecting the Fingerprint emblem at Logon.

Backup any user Private Information Manager account data. If you are going to try it, follow the directions included with the download to the letter.

Uninstalling will not remove it. Follow wizard installation instructions to enroll your fingerprints s 5. I know exactly how to do this on most other Dell Latitude laptops franework and up. Uncheck the Dell ControlVault box iii.

E6400: Enabling Biometric Devices Control Panel by installing WBF fingerprint driver

Clear any previously stored security settings implemented such as TPM enablement, fingerprints enrolled, BIOS passwords, preboot credentials, etc. You will need to download these three packages and install in this order: Dang Le June 27, at 5: When I get a ckntrolvault to evaluate the new drivers which will involve some image backups I will update this post. There was no unidentified driver left, but there was no biometric device defined either.


Checking current ControlVault status. I, for one, cannot get the fingerprint scanner working under Windows 10 on a Dell latitude E I had to reinstall windows the first wgf. Khushal Pura December 18, at 9: Hope it is okay for windows 7. Fingerprint login took so much longer than password login that I stopped using it, and did not install the drivers when I later reinstalled windows.

Windows Update may sometimes conflict with the installation of the Dell ControlVault Windows Biometric Framework driver installation and not allow proper installation. Anonymous August 2, at 5: