My Macbook Pro has a Firewire port, I’m just not sure what exact cable works with it, though. DCX works much better! Motorola DVR – firewire. Works perfectly, and even seems to be stable with live TV. Works on Mythbuntu 9. Who knows, there might be a much easier way to accomplish this.

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Anything else I do, I will have to do on the regular cable TVs in my house.

I had to fitewire it out to her in the store I’m still looking into this and I’ll post anything useful that I can find about it. Using P2P at Mbps, it provides a solid picture on broadcast channels, but does not include basic cable channels though they are picked up with a cable card tuner.

None of the drivers I’ve downloaded will work on my W7 PC.

Do a google search and you can’t miss it Just plug a firewire cable into the port on the back of the cable box and one into the laptop, tell SDK how long the recording is and hit start. Capturing from STB with firewire.

Motorola’s DCH3416 M-Card-enabled HD DVR

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. USB drive was a bust It is also very possible that you have no FireWire on your computer at all, in which case you’ll need to buy a FireWire card.


Same process as theirs. If that doesn’t help, Google “Windows 7 firewire driver” for other references. LiveTV seems to have some instability but regular recordings work a treat. Rick-F High Definition is the definition of life.

In any event, thank you for trying to help. The box accepts all Firewire fitewire, but does nothing with most of them, so you need an IR blaster for power and channel changing. Can I use a 1TB drive.

Motorola’s DCH M-Card-enabled HD DVR

Only works with one cable box: In device manager it may show as unknown. Now only digital channels To MOVE HD content from one medium to another is permitted and does not violate any copy protection regulations– to make a COPY is an entirely different matter, and should not be discussed here. You should perform the 1 TB hard drive swap I get a window that seems to recognize the DCH box as it shows in the listing. I get none of that. It shows the following: You should post a picture of the outputs so that I can identify them.


I updated the ch. Policies and guidelines Contact us.

Motorola DCH STB capturing – VideoHelp Forum

So you need a FireWire b 9-pin to FireWire a 6-pin cable: It’ll look like sh1t SD always doesbut it’ll work. This is a relatively new HD channel in the lineup too, so I’m hoping that 5C encryption on new channels isnt a new thing with Cox.

Tune channel, press power button the put box in standby and then press “OK” twice to bring up menu or use scanfw from mythbuntu. Xfinity Forum Archive About the archive project.

How to use a Motorola DVR/Resets

In some cases, it could disable your DVR or cable features, requiring a service call or replacement. I’ve begun playing a recording from my listing of “My Recordings” and get nowhere.

I guess I will just have to find a way to hook up the machine to my Firewide recorder, even though I won’t be able to record in HD, and even though Cox said it’s not recommended