If you play the scene where the American flag waves in the wind, you can clearly see the stair steps at the seams of the red and white stripes. The detail control is very powerful and can cause just as much harm as good. The bandwidth expansion technology can actually give the perceived appearance of having much higher resolution bandwidth by using a few tricks that Faroudja pioneered and patented. It’s also noticeable on the Avia logo located on the Avia main menu. It passes p through unchanged.

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It happens with the comb filter interprets high frequency luminance information as chrominance information.

Media Tools is a programming tool that provides direct access to the programming registers of the Faroudja video SoC, allowing for faster development and running of simulations. This detail control does not adjust the frequency response like a sharpness faoudja. The same thing can actually be seen on the Avia menu highlight.

The firmware turns off Faroudja video processing in Desktop mode. The detail control is very powerful and can cause just as much harm as good. Chapter 28 contains several exterior shots of brick walls and gravel roads. The image size is an interesting one. The program can correct for variation in the panel to generate more accurate results. Each rate is hand tweaked by the Faroudja engineers to be as sharp and free from noise as possible.


DCDi Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

Ddci, the deinterlacing on the NR is even better than on the DVP and handles bad edits more gracefully. This is for you to change the aspect ratio for the given movie you are watching. Its deeply saturated colors come off cleaner and brighter than through either the TranScanner or CI scaler. You ccdi also turn off the on screen display so no one is bothered as you futz with the remote during a film. This handles video of different aspect ratios, whether it be 4: Their products all remained expensive until just recently.

With DVD Animation Mode turned off, the cross color suppressor is on, fatoudja the rainbow artifact shown below is not seen. It will then know how to format the output actually the NRS has a third for 4: If you look at this pattern on a VP, the single bust inside the circle looks more like four bursts.


It seems that the presence of the Faroudja video processing in these taroudja which feature a Genesis chip has lead to some issues. But, the deinterlacer in the NRS is of a far superior caliber than the one in the player. Film always looks great, but something faroujda not quite right with video. If it doesn’t do it, you will see combing.


The program helps properly initialize the video signal processing and optimize the LCD panel to produce an accurate picture. It seems that more and more products require a fan these days.

One is for the screen shape, and this is in a setup menu. There are nine total scan rates that the 3k can output: Watching the same DVD on the 3k, I encountered no such problems. This technology, in combination with its decoding, deinterlacing and enhancement technologies, won an Emmy Award from National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in I also witnessed an unstable image.

The technique gets rid of the jaggies in diagonal lines from moving objects in interlaced video sequences, i. First, the NRS actually has a more detailed image because it has a flatter frequency response.

The following enhancement algorithms form the Faroudja suite: Faroudja has been making high performance video products for three decades. Archived from the original PDF on