Nullidentd small, fast identd daemon http: Versions of package bc Release Version Architectures buster. Versions of package libpam-tmpdir Release Version Architectures buster. This package contains various utilities for inspecting and setting of devices connected to the PCI bus. Versions of package mlocate Release Version Architectures sid.

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Versions of package tcptraceroute Release Version Architectures jessie. Versions of package bc Release Version Architectures buster.

Debian Edu Common packages

You can specify traphosts with the -t parameter at the commandline. Versions of package rsync Release Version Architectures wheezy-security. Handy for answering the question “Why is my Internet link so slow? This is part of the Debian Edu project.

For the video disc recorder VDR, nvram-wakeup installs a hook script, that allows VDR to set a wake up time, when it powers down. No physical PPDs are shipped with this driver.

Anibal Monsalve Salazar Christoph Biedl. This package provides “less”, a file pager that is, a memory-efficient utility for displaying text one screenful at a time. This package contains paciet small utilities for debconf developers. Hddtemp hard drive temperature monitoring utility http: GNU Midnight Commander is a text-mode full-screen file manager. The program to be traced need not be recompiled for this, so you can use it on binaries for which you don’t have source.


Iftop displays bandwidth usage information on an network interface http: This package contains a plugin for the Name Service Switch, providing host name resolution for the locally configured system hostname as returned by dc21x44 2.

DOS Packet Driver/ () Free Download () | Free Windows Driver Downloads and Updates

Versions of package command-not-found Release Version Pcaket sid. This package provides the program ‘systool’ to query it: Hard dependencies of single tools are listed in the Recommends field of the package and optional dependencies of single tools in the Suggests field — as common with many “collection” style Debian packages.

Observe that this tool may be a security risk, so you should not set it to do more than necessary. Htop interactive processes viewer https: It provides the “glue” between a print spooler like CUPS or ec21x4 and your actual printer, by telling your computer how to process files sent to the printer.

Bc GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator language http: Kexec-tools tools to support fast kexec reboots https: Versions of package nmap Release Version Architectures stretch. Firmware-ipw2x00 Binary firmware for Intel Pro Wirelessand http: Hardware SupportImplemented in: Please install the recommended packages dialog, gettext-base and apt when you want a working and fully featured orphaner.


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DEC Chip 21041 Network Driver

It sets itself up as the intermediary between programs that supply this information such as ifup and ifdown, DHCP clients, the PPP daemon and local name servers and programs that use this information such as DNS caches and resolver libraries. One feature that separates etherwake from other implementations is that it also supports WOL passwords. Wireshark can decode too many protocols to list here. Sysfsutils sysfs query tool and boot-time setup Maintainer: Libwww-perl simple and consistent interface to the world-wide web https: Diagnostic and setup for the Myson mtd Ethernet chip natsemi-diag: Package name in brackets denote non-essential dependencies of the scripts.

Debconf Developers Colin Watson. This package includes a collection of free PostScript Printer Description files for PostScript and clone printers from various manufacturers, as distributed by OpenPrinting.