NET is that it’s very easy to create database access logic through program code. The BDP is a regular managed. This isn’t exhaustive, and is naturally simplified, but it should help you see where to start. Your ConnectionString can either be something like: As you might expect by now, the process for setting up the DB2DataAdapter is similar: The way that database access classes are specialized for each type of database server is one of the major features of the design of ADO. Here are a couple of important notes.

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dbExpress-ODBC Gateway

An attempt to attach an auto-named database for file C: Things are simpler if you just want to read data, however. All i changed in web.

Immediately, we can see an important distinction between ADO. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. When you want the data to be updated, these queries will be called. This isn’t exhaustive, and is naturally simplified, but it should help you see where to start. She modified the code page settings and after fixing several data access issues we got it to connect.

The actual driver is determined through the connection string passed to the BdpConnection object when it is created or the ConnectionString property. Create nil ; CS: So i thought dbexptess made something wrong in the connection string, but DNN created a lot of tables, views sbexpress stored procedures in the DB.


In this article, I’ve included code samples to give you pointers on what to do, as thankfully, like the VCL, one of the impressive aspects of ADO.

dbExpress-ODBC Gateway

Database server rejected connection. Dbexpress connect to Db2 strange error [Edit]. IBM grants you “Licensee” cb2 non-exclusive, royalty free, license to use this sample code.

If this is done in the right way, the result is ‘business logic’ classes that handle all the database access, but which can be used throughout the application. Secondly, you need to explicitly cast the parameters to the particular underlying data type that’s expected by the server.

Here’s where there are some differences between the Dbexperss and the other flavors.

The first class returns a database connection object. For example, the following might be appropriate to add to the Open method of a dbrxpress that uses the DB2 managed provider:. What is the cause and how to solve this problem?! This is installed by default in C: However, these limitations are more than outweighed by its main feature, which is speed-the DataReader is extremely fast.

Here are a couple of important notes. This example shows how to use parameters in the SELECT query-it’s a very similar process to that used for stored procedures. Embarcadero Delphi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia To create applications for managed code platforms, a similar but not mutually compatible alternative is Delphi Prism.


Download dotConnect for DB2

There are plenty of alternative options, but all of them depend on code. You can only step forward, reading one record at a time, and there’s no caching of data. Because it has also to map the different data types to the.

Instead, a current record pointer is managed by the data-binding layer. This approach is quite different from the BDE and dbexprress, which uses the TQuery and TSQLQuery components to call stored procedures or other data-definition queries, which don’t return a tabular result set. A great side-effect of this is that the DataSet can be populated at design time, showing live data!

IBM DB2 AS/ & dbExpress drivers ? – delphi

I have my database attached in SQL Server Management Studio Express and have updated my connection string in my webconfig so I can access the database when testing on my local host.

Driver could not be properly initialized. Strange error when connecting to database. Dbespress Error while connecting Oracle through DbExpress [Edit] i’m getting access violation error while connection oracle through DbExpress.