The generated source file is named program-name. When db2sqljcustomize runs, it creates a customized serialized profile. Reduce the development cycle: Improve performance by using static SQL statements. Bind a plan for the application that includes the following packages: A01 A02 A03 A

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DB2 11 – Java -Supported drivers for JDBC and SQLJ

A serialized profile file for each connection context class that is used in an SQLJ executable clause A serialized profile name is of the following form: The db2sqljcustomize command performs these tasks: These enhancements reduce the complexity of installing, deploying, and customizing SQLJ applications for both container-managed and bean-managed persistence.

Because of the native code, their portability is limited. Using a customized serialized profile at one data source that was customized at another data source: The generated source file is named program-name. List the names in the db2sqljcustomize command.

The maximum length of a package name is maxlen. This value represents the transaction isolation level for the package. If you specify more than one serialized profile name, and you specify -automaticbind NO, if you want to bind the serialized profiles into a single Db2 package when you run db2sqljbind, you need to specify the same list of sqqlj profile names, in the same order, in db2sqljcustomize and db2sqljbind.


Type 2 Drivers that are written partly in the Java programming language and partly swlj native code. You can compile the Java program separately, but the default behavior of the sqlj command is to compile the program.

All applications have distinct names for their SQLJ profiles.

db2sqljcustomize – SQLJ profile customizer

Table 2 shows the values of the PkgIsolation portion of a package name that is generated by db2sqljcustomize. However, fixes will continue to be delivered. For example, you might want to move your application from a test environment to a production environment.

By default, when an SQLJ application runs, the Db2 database server looks for packages using the collection ID that is stored in the serialized profile. The SQLJ program preparation process.

Specify the serialized profile names, one on each line, in a file with the name file-name. When you bind the packages, you need to specify the following bind option values: The number of packages and the isolation levels of those packages are controlled by the -rootpkgname salj -singlepkgname options.

Change the code in your source program.

Example of a simple SQLJ application – IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

The advantages of developing applications with SQLJ include improved performance and a shorter, more efficient development cycle.


Translate the source program to create a new serialized profile. If you do not, you overwrite your original packages. The db2sqljcustomize option -longpkgname is specified.

When you run the old version of the program, Db2 loads dn2 old versions of the packages. To optimize a query properly that contains character host variables, Db2 needs the length of the host variables.

Supported drivers for JDBC and SQLJ

Sqoj default behavior is to do online checking. Customization dv2 a new package timestamp in the serialized profile, which makes the new serialized profile incompatible with the original package.

For example, suppose that you want the translator to process two files: The translator puts the serialized profiles for file1. When db2sqljcustomize runs, it creates a customized serialized profile. Deploying CMP beans during the application installation in the application server. Online checking is always recommended: