Java EE resource provider or connection factory custom properties collection. Is there anything i need to add to my config? Provide a value for this property only if driverType is set to 4. Sign up using Email and Password. Configuring a JDBC provider and data source.

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Application Server calls them custom propertiesand requires that you set them on the data source as well. You are now finished with the primary data source configuration tasks. In ucc, the width of the default instance bit is now determined by the operating system, which is different than with previous versions of DB2.

A database alias is an alternate name to an actual database name. Assign the property the value of true. The driver-general properties are typically specific to a driver load, for example, server, rather than all servers using the JDBC provider, therefore, it is best to set this JVM property at the server level. This table must be set up at each DB2 V7 location that is accessed. You can use these properties to allow an application to extend the custom properties for a data source or override any non-core properties that already exist for that data source.


To configure the property, use either the wsadmin scripting tool or the administrative console page, Java EE resource provider or connection factory custom properties collection. I hope this saves others some frustration and time. Configuring a data source using the administrative console.

After you select an implementation type, the wizard fills the name and the description fields for your JDBC provider. If you install any fixes or upgrades to DB2, you must update this file as well.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. These are only needed when driverType is xw to 2. If you have multiple local DB2 subsystems, you can specify the db2.

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Is configurable in version 7. Post as a guest Name. Uses the following class paths: Database deadlocks often result. Do not set this property if driverType is set to 2. Developed to ensure safepoints for Java threads, SafepointPolling technology generates a signal that can interfere with the signal between the application server and a DB2 database.


Begin by clicking the Custom Properties link that is now displayed on the administrative da page.

Navigate to the appropriate page in one of two ways: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Use only driverType 4 connectivity for the XA data source.

Creating XA DataSource to DB2 on JBoss – Stack Overflow

To define the db2. If your application does not require that connections support two-phase commit transactions, choose Connection Pool Data Source.

Sign up using Email and Password. Select a JDBC driver from the drop-down list. Supports the following one-phase data source: To select an existing JDBC provider: Place this file in the same directory as the db2jcc4.

Most likely you also do not need to change the native library path or the data source implementation class name. From this point onward, the steps for creating data sources WebSphere Application Server Version 4 differ from the steps for creating data sources of the latest standard version.