I’m waiting for version 6 now say definitely yes, otherwise it was YES for at least 5 years. No problem with ASIO. Pulsar features ‘total recall’ for easy storage and retrieval of your set-ups and mixes. When the rec audio channels were muted, I was able to record correctly, and when I played the tracks back, I didn’t notice any artefact in the sound. The complication comes over the implementation because the particularity of this map is to provide a virtual studio that will set inside the house before the software interface to exploit its system.

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Powerful but easy to use arpeggiator.


You can route any sound signal to any of the device, or even plug ALL pulsat them to affect your sound. Compatibility side my big concern was pulswr Creamware has never released a version for Mac OSX then after 3 years managing a dual machine, I changed platform.

You can even integrate external audio signals live. Still need to know what has been fortunate to have in your hands. I wish I had the schmas to understand the indoor You can even use some Windows software source as an oscillator element.


Creamware before, I had a Pulsat and a Protools system. I was able to record the signals of several devices on separated audio tracks, keeping everything in the digital domain from sound generation to medium.

The latency time was down to 7 milliseconds at Wavetable synthesizer with wavetables, two powerful filters and an integrated effects section.

In the future, you’ll have to buy it, and the bonus will be the “poison”, a nice synthesizer device for your Pulsar. I never thought to use my first Creamware Pulsar 2 card so long! How can I Pay? Fat analog sounds, potent drums, inspiring wavetable and outrageous Vector Synthesis sounds!

Review: Creamware Pulsar 2

Sampler – 16 stereo-voices per module crdamware to 64 stereo-voices. A collection of especially sophisticated studio effects. We really feel srieux when installing this machine and c not an impression.

With the Modular V2 this is now within anyone’s reach.

Creamware Pulsar II Classic | DSP Processing Cards Dolphin Music

The master section of the Pulsar mixer features dithering to bit. It means that it works exactly like if you had a hardware multi-effect rack.


Even a complete Modular System with over modules and 80 ready-to-use patches is at your disposal. Read more Exclusive FP Features. Korg Triton Le Key Workstation. More Info Buy Now. Live Features Imagine this: The best is to listen to some demos I recorded with each of them: My shopping is now done and I was jubilant with joy! I’m running Cubase which was itself appealed to the pulsar, so Recycle I just needed a small table, listening and my Ensoniq MR 61 great machine.

Since it is processed in real time, you can hear the effects applied to the signal as you hit you keyboard keys. Finally there is the channel digital mixer. For more info visit the Creamware Modular Synths page.

Pulsar 2 with Reason 1. This makes the Creamware cards very expandable. I do not like the drivers, the updates late and prices