If it doesn’t, stay away. Stand up your stand and observe how much smoother it rolls. Colortrac Ci Series Brochure. Function buttons are large and clear. It’s risky to batch scan large format drawings to a network drive, unless you are using software that is specifically designed for this purpose. If it has it, it’s SCSI. Rasterize any vector file — single or multipage, single or multilayer, or just the base image Change raster’s resolution full range of dpi Negate the image Mirror the image Despeckle — bilevel despeckling cleans black and white noise separately or combined, up to pixel clusters!

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Scanner was plugged in and powered on.

This scanner was plugged in and powered on. That’s why they can zip drawings through so fast! Here’s some popular models that we typically have available: Output file formats support: Stock factory machines do have one flaw: There is one consideration, however: As of this writing, some key parts for even the older machines are still available, as well as drivers and software. Well, this is for you.

It’s important to do some research before you buy, if you don’t want to end up with the world’s largest doorstop!


Also maybe pick up some more jerky to chaw on while you’re working – they usually have some near the front counter. Call us now for the details! Scanners do not come with stands unless noted.

Contex IQ Flex is the lea Unit has been tested t Old Zeke’s Tec Fas 18 When performing a color scan on a document mounted on posterboard using a late model Contex, Oce’, Vidar, or CalComp scanner, temporarily attach a 3 inch wide strip of scrap posterboard to the leading edge. You can feel confident you are getting what we describe. In addition to many 2D file formats, Imagenation supports 3D VRML models in either 2D projection mode or 3D model fsz as exported by all major Contes applications, providing compatibility with all engineering design environments.

The following is information on some of the more popular older models of large and wide format scanners that you’ll typically see on the used market. It’s risky to batch scan large format drawings to a network drive, unless you are using software that is specifically designed for this purpose. If it doesn’t, stay away.

Contex FSS – roll scanner Overview – CNET

Rollers are in perfect condition. If they don’t, you’re not in a REAL hardware cntex better hightail it out of there before they try to sell you some kinda mauve sofa doily or somethin’. Service bureaus have been known to put hundreds of thousands of drawings through these. This list focuses on ones that typically can be economically brought back into service.



Be assured that each machine comes complete with everything that you need except for the PC. Input file formats support: We can also locate a particular model of interest and refurbish it for you.

This conntex format color scanner is used, had been well taken care of, great conditions.

For instance, the document feed and background plate mechanisms are of the classic Vidar design. This will eliminate any differences in shading that might occur at the beginning xontex the scan.

Three modes of operation. Browse Related Browse Related.

Wide Format Scanner

This scanner displays Wide Format Color Scanner. Import, Export, Remove and Edit Layers up to 32k of them!

Recently, Colortrac took over all operations and the Action Imaging name went away.