Before making changes to the HBA ports, first check the existing port bindings. Managing Removable Media Tasks. If you do not see the LUNs, run the format command again. This example shows the device paths for a single HBA with two ports. Because initiator mode and target mode use different drivers, the driver you attach to an HBA port defines its function as a target or initiator.

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: OPENSOLARIS sys/common/io/comstar/port/qlt/qlt.c

In this example, qlt is updated. Display a list of the HBA ports and their respective device paths. Managing Tape Drives Tasks.

This procedure uses path-based bindings. Or, you can configure the driver on a port-by-port basis. Document Information About This Book 1.

The qlt driver attaches when the system is rebooted. Install Prerequisite Packages pkg install stmf fcoet srpt target Packages to install: Follow the instructions for each port provider to identify the initiators associated with each port provider. But you will be much better prepared. Now from your client you should see your storage as a block device.

Solaris 11: не работает qlt (COMSTAR FC)

Verify that the LUN is visible on other systems. Setting Up Disks Tasks. Creating and Mounting File Systems Tasks.


Driver qlt successfully added to system but failed to attach. All subsequent LUNs appear in the format output, because the script forces the initiator to touch all the LUNs through all the ports. Managing Removable Media Tasks. However after reading this you ought to be able to handle this with your eyes closed, well maybe not with your eyes closed. Establish the new binding. You must make logical units visible to initiator hosts for Fibre Channel and FCoE configurations by mapping the logical unit.

Establish the new binding to qlt. You must remove the existing binding for qlc before you can add that binding to a new driver. Accessing Removable Media Tasks 4. Remove the current binding.

Single quotes are required in this syntax. A given FC port can be used as an initiator or as a target, but not as both. If it were to be used as shared storage for a VM then I would name it as the VM instead, since it would attach to multiple clients. You can also configure a dual port or quad port FC HBA so that a subset of the HBA ports is in target mode and the rest of the ports are in initiator mode.


If you still do not see the LUNs, ensure that the service is enabled on the target by using the svcs stmf command. Administering Disks Tasks We do not require or want it. Reboot the system to attach the new driver.

[OpenIndiana-discuss] COMSTAR qlt dropping link and resetting

Ensure the following prerequisite step has been completed:. Of course a working fabric and clients in order to utilize the storage. In this example, the current binding is pciex, View what is currently bound to the port drivers.

The Logical domains P2V migration tool automatically converts an existing physical systemto a virtual system q,t runs in a logical domain