Hello I have a problem with printing in adobe programs. But the new xerox does not have a 10 X64 thank you. Can you help me solve? Is possible that I have to print in this way? Enter your account number in the ‘default user ID’ section. Any insight or ideas to try?

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Would greatly appreciate any help on this. Browsing All Articles Articles.

The closest I got was an instruction somewhere to use CentreWare to reset the printer, but they only have Windows version of that software. Blotches, Spotty color printing on Xerox The type 3 is version Hi, Long time user of my Xerox and for the most part its been problem free aside from Scan to PC stops working if my windows computer ever goes to sleep. Where would I find the latest firmware that is installed in the printer? There appears to be a type 3 and type 4 driver.

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WC won’t print anything, internally or from a computer. I am currently working on a Powershell script to automate installing drivers for my Colorqube and network printers on my Colorqhbe Clients because I don’t have a printserver.


We changed the fuser like 3 days agao so we know it’s not that yeah was happening before the fuser change out.

The error message persists even if I load paper in the manual bypass tray. Recently its been printing pictures with noticiable blotches of toner missing.

Xerox Colorqube – always error Filter failed on Mac. However, if I plug an Ethernet cable straight from the router to the printer, it works, and everything is fine.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. The installation works fine and the automatical testpage is printed correctly. Now we need to specify what driver to use for the newly created printer.

ColorQube 9303 Drivers & Downloads

I would ask you if is right the print of an envelope with the skew like in the attached immage. Bonjour, j’essaie d’installer un pilote Fiery sur un mac OS If you have any additional problems, please contact us. Claim or contact us about this channel. It’s not a problem but it is annoying.

How do I do that?

Xerox ColorQube ‘Refurbished’ – multicopiers

Is there anywhere to go to learn how I might get more satisfactory results with photos. Below you can take a look at my Powershell code. Go back to the ‘Devices and Printers’ menu, and right click on the new Xerox ColorQube we just added.


On the next page, select your appropriate operating system, colotqube ‘save file’, and click OK. Windows may say ‘Additional port information required’. The last 99301 has to do with printing photos.

Xerox ColorQube 9301 ‘Refurbished’

Embed this content in your Collorqube. WorkCentre throwing printing from MacBook. Now we can go ahead and add the printer. And when the Ethernet cable is plugged in, I can’t get into wireless settings in order to reset that. The required printer drivers should now appear in a folder on your desktop. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? Hello all, how are you?